Suicide mounts

A word for all you spineless yellow-bellied chicken livers out there who can’t get up the courage to do a jump mount:p …it’s not nearly as hard as it looks:D My son tried it first and succeeded on his own, having never actually seen one done :astonished: Then he let me in on the big secret. You don’t actually have to land on both pedals at exactly the same time! Close, yes but perfection is not required to achieve success! There, now you know too.

I can do a jump mount (not suicide). I landed it on my first try I think. I have never seriously hurt myself. I land it most of the time. It still scares the heck out of me to do it though.

I did it on a whim one day, and could not believe how easy it is. The best part is even a non unicyclist looks at you when you do it and think you are doing the hardest thing that can be done.

For me it was far easier than learning to idle, or even ride for that matter. I actually nailed the suicide mount first time I tried it. I rarely miss. The first time I tried to show some family members was on an unlevel surface in the dark. I missed many times that night, but very rarely since.

It’s funny, the things that don’t look that impressive are hard to learn, while something as easy as a suicide mount is impressive to just about anyone who sees it.

Maybe I’m an ignoramous:( but is the difference between a jump mount and a suicide mount just not touching the seat at all when you jump? I did both ways O.K. No disasters yet.

That’s what I have heard. I could probably suicide mount but I have better things to work on… I guess it is good to practice before learning a unispin, which I think is one of the most impressive tricks.

I had tried a suicide mount a month ago and wasn’t fully commited to it mentally and took a hard fall. I didn’t have on my wrist protection and slammed my wrist pretty hard. It wasn’t until yesterday that i tried it again.

I was at a birthday party at a gymnastics club and was allowed to try my uni on the floor they use for floor routines. It was carpeted and had a foam block suspension under it that gave it some bounce. I put on the leg armor and the wrist pro and went for it. Since I was protected with my gear and the soft, forgiving floor, I had 100% confidence and nailed it the first time. I probably succeeded in 20 of 25 attempts and never fell to the ground on the failed attempts. Can you say, “GOOD DAY!” ?

Mental commitment is crucial to this mount. It sure is intimidating on the first tries! Now to do it again on a hard surface floor…


By a Jump Mount you are allowed to hold the seat in you hands when you are jumping on the top of it.
By a Suicide Mounth you aren’t allowed to hold the seat in your hands while jumping or landing. So you have to releace te seat before you jump.

Now i finally have got the currage to make a Suicide Mounth;) without dameging my jewels:D

Ferko Adamczyk

More experience today, this time with my 9 yr. old who hasn’t had the courage to try a jump mount. I could see that he could jump high enough without problems and he is probably the most coordinated of us all, having learned idling and backwards riding before anyone else in the family, but he couldn’t get up the guts to try this properly, so this is what I did. I stacked two piles of bricks at the same height and distance apart as the pedals on the uni. Then he practiced jumping up onto those bricks in the same way he would onto the uni. Voila! A few more trys and he was doing it easily. Like I’ve said before, 90% of unicycling is 100% mental:D Thanks for all of your responses. And billham, how old are you? I’m 40 and 3 years into this craziness. Amazingly haven’t hurt myself in spite of all the falls I’ve taken even though my bones stick out most everywhere! Happy eenwieling:)

Do you know what eenwiel means. It means onewheel:D


In what language?


I’m 47, still bounce when I fall, but not as well as I did in my younger days. I learned to ride and drop off curbs as a youth, but stopped riding after a couple years. Just started riding again in July 2003. Been excited to be learning lots of tricks. Idling, hopping (best height is 11" on my MUni), drops (best is 30"), 1 foot, backwards, mounts - side, reverse side, jump and suicide and working on others. Having a blast!

You can teach an old dog new tricks!


yeah i can jump mount it was easy.

Re: Suicide mounts

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004 11:12:02 -0600, Rayden
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>In what language?

Dutch. The usual word for unicycle is eenwieler, which is what Ferko
choose as his handle.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I have a feeling you might need two points of contact with the ground for such a thing to work? Or at least training wheels on the front and rear. - John Foss commenting on a picture of a one-wheeled vehicle he saw on RSU.