Suicide mounts

Just managed it. Yeah. :slight_smile:

On a whim, tried jump mounting during one of my ‘learn to idle’ sessions. Nailed this on the second go, seemed like the logical progression.

Not being able to jump mount, to suicide mounting in around 5 minutes, go me! :wink:

Using my new found arrogance, I then attempted various other things. Ended up with a nice Wellgo pedal pin pattern on the back of my leg, can’t win them all…

Back to the idling thing, and perhaps some of that revision thing I’m supposed to be doing.

Re: Suicide mounts

It’s like your very own unicycling tattoo, all for free… :slight_smile:


Re: Suicide mounts

given the best way to go about a suicide mount, i think we should approach NIKE regarding sponsoring unicycling