suicide mounts, and cameras

I finally got up enough guts to learn to suicide, and finally figured out how to transfer pictures from my sony clie to my computer, here it is…

That is so cool the way you got the unicycle to defy gravity. It almost looks like you reversed a sequence of you stepping off of the uni to the rear.
You wouldn’t be messin’ with us, would you? :roll_eyes:

I’ve not been brave enough to try another suicide mount since The Incident…

Phil, just me

That looks great!.. and possibly harder than a Suicide Mount -in which the cycle does not touch the rider in any way when leaving the ground. It appears that the sadle is in contact with you well before pushing off (which might be a bit more difficult, since it would tend to push the cycle away if you didn’t jump high enough). Cool regardless!


what do you take me for!!! true those photo’s weren’t in concession, but I can truly do a suicide mount, it may appear that it is levetating, but that is because I was taking my own picture, not an easy feat. but I can assure you that it is honest, sorry for mispells I am in school and my teacher is smelly

Okay, so it really is a suicide mount. But how do we know it is you?! We can’t see your face.:slight_smile:
Just kidding. Good job. Be careful, you can kill yourself doing a …

if you look at the first frame there is a blur of a hand on the saddle, when I do a suicide my unicycle isn’t in a stand still, I pull up the saddle at the beginning and then I let go, if you catch my meaning… true I could’ve photoshopped it and removed my hand, but, if I had you would’ve been able to tell…

From the picture, it doesn’t look strictly like a suicide mount, if I understand the meaning of suicide mount. I thought “suicide” corresponded to “free jump mount” (as seen in the IUF Standard Skills List). If so, it means you must let go of the saddle before your feet leave the ground.

Usually this means the person balances the cycle upright. Your version is a little different, and either a little more, or a little less scary depending on what you’re used to.

Nevertheless, a pretty amazing job to capture such quick moves with a PDA camera and no outside help!

Thank you so much for posting your accomplishment. I was so inspired that this afternoon I decided to give the suicide mount a shot. Nothing to it… first I practiced just jumping onto the pedals while holding the seat. When I was comfortable with the spacing of the pedals, I tried landing on the seat. After a few of those, I tried letting go of the seat before I jumped. PRESTO!! on the second try I got it! I had great success with my dominant foot forward so I tried it with the other foot forward. I just repeated the training I used the first time and Ba-da-bing! I can now suicide mount better then I can free mount with my sub-dominate foot.

You have been a great inspiration to me!

Sorry I don’t have any pictures, I couldn’t afford a CLIÉ; and my Visor didn’t come with a camera. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Now heres a suicide

I keep clicking the garage door button, but nothing happens.


Nice Uni Scott!

What is the setup in your picure Scott?! It’s pretty nice. From the look of it, you’ve got a red miyata seat, Yuni frame, and and Arrow tire (?) What kind of hub/cranks are you riding?
I was just wondering because I’ve got the same setup with Profile hub & cranks (in 170mm) although the cranks are black and the pedals (odessy twisted pro) are silver. Just wanted to know!
-thanks, Jon Davis

A side note to the “success” I had last night,

Last night, right after I posted that suicide mounted for the first time, I noticed a bruise on the inside of my right knee. In addition to the bruise, the inside of both my legs hurt just above the knee. It feels like I strained a muscle in that region. I don’t remember falling or hitting or doing anything that might have caused this, other then the suicide mounts them. Is this a common problem, or is there something wrong with my technique?


The uni that I have is everything you described with a suzue hub. It has no-name cranks. They are two left bike cranks, and one has a helicoil in it or something. It came that way, and all Yuni/suzues do unless you change it.

when I do my “version” of the suicide mount, I get rashes on the inside of my legs, but that’s about it.