Suicide mount

Well today i learnt the suicide mount:D after like a few attempts. I want to try something harder so i want to learn this:D

Any one got any tips?
Is it hard?

Thanks in advance:)

Not very but it’s pretty usless to learn. Go for it you’ll get it in like 2 tries.

Not really, you could run and jump off a ledge and land on your unicycle. I’m gunna try this tomorrow.

I can’t do it (never tried) but it doesn’t look like much of a step-up from starting to learn unispinning (the jump mounting with the uni already in the air).

There are a couple of nice example in the unicon XIII video. I’ve just had aquicj rewatch and they are at 11:45 and 12:08

If you haven’t got it it’s here: conventions unicon Xiii

Darn. My prev msg got erased. Ok let me repeat.

Know what? He’s right. It IS easier than you think. I managed to get it with a success rate of 30-40% in about 30 min of learning (it could be higher but I’m dead tired so if you’ve got stamina, it’s way easier). Here’s some tips and how I learnt in chronological order.

I can jump mount sif to begin with almost perfectly with the occassional slip. I started bracing myself for this by holding the uni a few inches off the ground then jumping and landing the pedals. I did this for about 5-10 minutes and ended up with a success rate of about 70%.

Next, I went through the motions of holding the uni horizontal, letting go, jumping, then landing my weight on the seat. I practised by not landing on the pedals at all so I can get a feel and build my guts. When I’m comfortable, which really takes about 5 minutes as well, I went for it. Of course, I bailed a couple of times before I finally got brave enough to land a rough version of it.

I’m still not as smooth as the guy in the video but I guess that comes with practice. The trick really looks a lot more intimidating than it is so just go for it! For the record, I can’t suicide on my 20" (I had landed a few before on my 24" ironically) because I’ve no guts and I can’t unispin so neither are requirements.

Ok, this trick is, as everyone is saying, very easy if you just have the guts. It is a variation of several mounts of this variety. If you get this from ground level, then move to a curb and so on. There a few shots of this in the Koxx video archives. People run at bus benches and picnic tables and then launch onto thier uins. It looks very ompressive and scary to your friends, but in reality, it isn’t all the hard.

I still lack the guts to do a regular flying jump mount from a bench though which goes to show how easy this really is. The difficulty is really to get your feet to be brave.

Cheers for all the tips and stuff everyone. Ill go try that l8r:P ill put the vid on my phone so i can see if im doing it right:D

i can do that mount… its actually easy if u have balls… abit like the jump mount or suicide mount… its all about jumping at the right moment with enough power… and good position… nothing very hard… it actually took me like 2-3 attempts…

Well ive been out today and practised it for a bit:D
I think i did ok i landed it a far bit. One tip, make sure you where your shin protection.
I even managed it off a bench aswell, that was pritty cool. Probs going out riding tomorrow and hope and ill practice more then:P

that isn’t a good example of the trick, you should start w/the unicycle sideways and start to drop it when you jump… then just keep your eyes on the cranks and push your heel/toes (depending on what side and where the cranks are positioned) against the frame… don’t be afraid to land it … the landing is kind of hard when you do it off stuff.
I came up w/ another new mount the other day, but I have some pretty gashes in my leg from attempting it, and im waiting for an excuse to make a new video to release it or w/e … it might already be done

now throw a 180 into it!
i havn’t done one of those in a while… maybe today is the day!!

uhm thats an idea… i’ll give it a shot tmrw

i’m not really in a mounting mood but it is always fun to try new ones :smiley:

yeah, it is pretty hard. I highly suggest wearing shinguards of some kind as it is 2x as hard
i rarely do them, unless I am showing off an extra lot