suicide mount

hey guys
i just got my uni about 3 weeks ago and it’s been attatched between my legs since (rather uncomfortable if you’re trying to sit). and i’m trying to learn how to “suicide mount” without actually commiting suicide. if there were any secrets on getting the unicycle to balance, like nailing it to the ground or something like that, that would be a big help.

I used the search feature and within about 1 min lookie what i found:D

How to do it

What you dont want to happen =p

Hope i helped =p

You can practice while holding the front of the seat.
It’s not a hard mount at all it just requires guts… the biggest problem people make is hesitating and by the time you hesitate yr seat has moved… you get flustered and forget where yr pedals are and slip up…

just get the jump mount down and watch a few videos of it and then go out like infront of a gas station or something or take it up to school and just do it…having people around makes you wanna do it and land it…its how i learned

trust me it’s not hard at all i learned to do it in about half an hour. Plus i still haven’t hurt myself while doing it. But like victory said it takes guts.

While putting together a routine for my circus I came up with a great, slightly altered, version of the suicide mount.

My friend picks up the unicycle center ring and holds it balanced and ready for the suicide mount while looking at it like “what the hell?” Then I came running from an opening and jump up just as she lets go. A split second later I land on the uni and into a rock.

I worked out great but took a lot of coordination and practice.

Wow, that sounds so cool. I’d love to see that in action.

I tried out the suicide mount this morning. It’s getting past the mental barrier that’s tricky, but i did it :smiley: I was all pleased with myself for not hurting myself badly :roll_eyes:

way to go man

the hardest part about it is actually doing it.
when i first learned it i took a couple diggers and the boys took a beating.
but once you land it once it just clicks and then you just have to practice it and make it smooth.

just dont even think about falling. just know that you are going to land it.

Learn the jump mount first, get really comfortable with that, then work on taking your hand off in mid jump before you land, then slowly work back until you’re letting go before you jump.
Good luck…if you can get past the nerves, you can do it

ok, what i did is not recommended, i tried it, and it came naturally… easy. spend as much time as it takes to get the uni in the most balanced position by tapping the seat, cranks and pedals flat and dont be afraid, if u screw it, the normal reaction is to bail… anyway, there may be only a few mins of pain if u screw it.

One tip which everyone seems to miss: Do NOT land heavy on your seat. BAD IDEA.

I’ve been trying to learn this for the longest time. I got enough guts for a go just now, landed seat first hence missing the pedals entirely, the pedals went back and whacked my calves, I tripped, fell back and incurred some major bruises. The neighbors witnessed a minor earthquake.

If you lower your seat, or learn on a small uni it is easier because you don’t have to jump as high, and it takes less guts. I did this and it worked well, now I can do them on my Muni.

If your doing a suicide mount then you know how to “bunny hop” right? Set the pedals to how you feel comfortable doing a bunny hop. Then practice doing the jump mount like most people in this thread said. When your ready to let go of the unicycle, keep it straight up and you can take as much time as you need to keep it straight up for 2-4 seconds because this is enough time to jump up and land on it. Good Luck!:smiley: