suicide mount?

im working on a suicide mount i think i got it but i want 2 make sure…
douse any one have a movie or a clip of a suicide mount so i can make sure im doing it right …
same thing with a static mount

becouse if im doing them right that means i know 3 mounts…that would be sweet

suicide mount isnt just a jump on-you have to completely let go of it. i think its has a vid of it. not sure.

There are videos of most skills on Leo’s site ( Click on “standard” at the top of the page, then scroll down to the mounts section.
The suicide mount is refered to by its other name of “free jump mount”.


there’s one in my vid in slow-mo, even.
not the best vid, but hey, it works. I like them mounts.
Low res
hi res

No it isn’t, it was supposed to be (although it works with or without the www I think). The reason the link in my post doesn’t work is because the forum software for some reason included the end bracket in the url. Oh well.

For a short vid on what happens if you don’t have the seat completely balanced.
Click here.

It’s titled wipe out.