suicide mount

can anyone her do a suicide mount

i can


funny story: (dont know how i did this)

i was trying to do a uni spin and some kid told me to practice withought actualy starting on the uni, but instead of teaching my self a uni spin i ended up doing a suicide mount! weird!

I learned to jump mount a long time ago, and like… a year ago, I learned how to suicide mount consistently in 5 minutes.

Suicide mounts/jump mounts are basically the only way to get bouncing on a trampoline, so I use them quite a bit.

The suicide mount is incredibly easy compared to a lot of the mounts you see being done, such as the leg around side mount. I can land them pretty consistently. If you want some adivice on learning it, check out The Unicyclopedia’s freestyle section.

Yeah I never thought I’d try to suicide mount…I thought it would infact be suicide. But when I finally gave it a try I found it is actually very easy, I got it on my second try.

Suicide mounts seem easy once you try the suicide 180 mount. That’s when you can much more easily hurt yourself.


I learned leg around mount and double leg around mount? before the suicide. So ya, it’s a cool mount.

Learned on my first try…its not as bad as it looks…and is an essential step to doing unispins…IMO.

ya i looked at it for the first time, i didnt know how they did it without killing there family jewls.

Re: suicide mount

The REAL question is, can anyone do a BACKFLIP suicide mount?!?

I can do a suicide mount, but I don’t very often, due to the fact that I’m a wuss. I do jump mounts fairly often, because those aren’t as scary. But both suicide mounts and jump mounts are actually very easy.

maestro8: come on. the backflip suicide mount is childs play.

I can do it, but only while holding onto the saddle, which I think makes it a jump mount. Not bad at all. Just make sure you land on the pedals first. I don’t sit down on the seat until I ride away.

well i always thought a suicide mount was scary and i finally ended up doing after my friend (who hadnt been uniing that long) did one no problem. kinda glad he did, cuz now i learned one jsut from competition.


I just tried one and its so easy. It took like 5 min tops to do.

I’m 38 and nailed it the first time. Not sure what possesed me to do it, but it is really easy. Just a mental challange. If you are scared put on som shin guards and go for it, that is about all you’ll hurt, in spite of the thoughts of racking yourself.:smiley:

Really if you can get past the mental block of racking yourself it isn’t that hard. I found it easier to do if when you jump up you kinda throw your arms out to the side so you don’t tentativly grab the seat before you land on it.