Suicide Mount

Can anyone else do a suicide mount? I just tried today, it was really really hurtful at first, but once you get it, it’s really easy.

It’s one of the hardest mounts, yet one of the easiest mounts at the same time. It is sooo scary, because of all the possible ways you can hurt yourself. But it’s actually really simple to do.

The first time i tried it i landed it perfectly and rode off…the second time i was more careless in steadying the uni before jumping and leaped and smash almost broke my right elbow(well not really but it hurt really bad), i don’t see how it hurt unless you fell off because you should be landing on the pedals not your balls…

I agree with James_Potter, the suicide mount was scarey at first, but once you do it a couple of times. it gets easer and easer.
About a month ago at my unicycle club practice I landed a 360 turn around jump mount.


That was a 360 turn around SUICIDE mount ala Zach V.

That was cool.

cool brett you can suicide mount now? I actually found suicide mounts pretty easy, the only hard part is building up the confidence to actually try them. I actually was successful at doing them my first time and still without even hitting my naughty bits once…

well atleast not yet :frowning:

i am newbie! what is this suicide mount

My brother has had great sucess with the suicide mount. I probably wound, too, but I’ve yet to try it. I have a pair of Pr1mo super tenderizers on my uni that were pretty unforgiving when I was learning the jump mount, so I’m too scared to risk it.

For the newbie: You balance your unicycle upright with the pedals level. You let go, jump, and hope for the best.

If you do it 13 times in a row, you have to kill yourself. It’s the law of the suicide mount

Initially it about 80% psychological and 20% skill.:slight_smile:

The last two vids in this gallery are the Zach Vaughn 360 spin/suicide mount.

This Pic is me praying everything goes right in the next 1/4 second.

more specifically, a suicide mount is a jump mount with no hands. a jump mount is jumping onto the uni with both feet hitting the pedals at the same time.

i found that wearing shin guards is the best help. i didnt get hurt on my first few tries but a later try left me bleeding. i like to lower my seat to suicide because with the seat at normal height my pants would catch the seat. so, when the seat was at normal height, and i was too lazy to lower it, i had the idea to lean the seat slightly forward past equilibrium so i could suicide mount and catch the seat and proceed with seat in front. i had the seat just right, i leaped, my left foot landed on the back pedal fine but my right foot missed, the wheel rolled backwards and the right pedal swung up and hit my shin at a speed of at least 300 mph :-). it was the most painful pedal hit ever. it only put a couple little holes in my leg but the pins definately hit the bone. i tried later successfully with 661s but that story is not so good. the end. the moral is wear shin guards and put the seat low enough so that when your feet land on the pedals, your underside is at least six inches away from the seat…