Suicide mount

I really really hope this works!
This is my first time using my camera to make a movie, first time using iMovie and first time uploading to Youtube, annnd first time linking from Youtube to here.
What can possibly go wrong??

This is my first trick! If you can call a mount a trick :o
Anyway, I’m quite happy with it - The trick and the movie, lol.

Awesome! :smiley: Though I’m not sure about practising near your TV… :roll_eyes:

So you don’t have to follow the link :slight_smile:

Real commitment :slight_smile: I am in awe…

Going to try that one too!!

Well you did not hit your head on the light and the TV is still intact. I think it was a total success. What’s next?:smiley:


Hey guys, thanks for the comments - very encouraging :slight_smile:
I’m working on two *different things atm. I’d like to learn 180 unispins and crankflips so I will soon be starting moves that lead up to those - feet off pedals, 180 jump mounts, foot plants etc. I’ve just started aerials, about a cm lol, but little acorns and all that :slight_smile:
I’d also like to do Full rolling wraps and Full back rolls so I’ll be working on the beginner moves for those too - leg wraps and SO crank hopping. My SI crank hops are pretty consistent, and I’m gettting SO sorted too, so, hopefully, leg wraps are soon to follow!

Don’t worry too much about aerials, I can do maybe a 10 inch aerial but I can 720 unipsin.

I’m not aiming for big air muni123, but I definitely need to get some air, lol.
720s will not be in my to-do list! Well, they might be, one day :slight_smile:

I second this. That TV looks nice and in danger :slight_smile:

Being close to the tv is a good incentive to focus :slight_smile: