Suicide Mount Pic

This turned out fairly neat.

(if you haven’t tried this, go ahead, it’s WAY easier than it would appear)

(yes I’m wearing the damn shirt again…maybe i should have tried the mount holding a guitar)


How do we know you’re not jumping OFF of the uni here?

Because I’d be looking straight up! (judging from past experience :roll_eyes: )

Are those the midnight black low top coverse or am i just seeing things again. They do look alittle too padded to be converse lowtops.

no, they are Van’s.

(if you get Van’s, get the ones that look really really padded…I find these too thin when I’m riding)

shorts… whoa. up here in the great white north you cant wear shorts at this time of year… sniff I envy you. i might have to try that mount. show off to all my friends that dont unicycle, that would be all of them. :smiley: hee hee.

Shorts aren’t generally recommended for Ontario winters…but I have this problem were I can’t drink beer and keep my pants on all at the same time :o