Suicide - It's the new "in" thing!

Seems that every club meeting of ours has sort of an unspoken theme. Last week, it was figure 8’s and some Sumo thrown in for good measure. Everyone was trying it. This week, after our flurry of conversation on RSU about the suicide mount, Ben’s younger bro Brad just had to try it. He nailed it after a handful of attempts. And of course I had to show off a bit too. In short order, we had several kids attempting and eventually landing the mount. Kids never cease to amaze me.

Of course, all that is before the most important activity of the evening - HOCKEY!!!

We play hockey during the last half hour of the meetings every week. It nevers fails, the kids are begging to play hockey as soon as they get there. I want them to concentrate on their skills at least some of the evening. Maybe I’ll surprise them some Monday night, set up the hockey first thing and let them wear themselves out. I know it wears me out in no time.

We sure do love our uni club.

Bruce, Finally saw your suicide video, impressive indeed. I have a question though, what was that funny blue color of the sky and that dark patch eminating from you onto the bright areas of driveway? Our skies are grey and no bright spots here today. You must live somewhere near the tropics.

Do you have club hockey equipment or does everybody out there just own their own stuff? I’ve been playing a bit of hockey fetch with the dog, great fun but probably funner with people.

From the convergent zone, where its always raining,