Suicide Connector

Haven’t done this one in a year - it’s still one of the best of the short So Cal muni runs.







Man - that was fun! I need to go spend a few weeks on that trail - what a blast! As usual, the photos make the drops look much more doable than when you are standing next to them. And of course Josh and John make them look so easy, and then I end up on my ass!

That looks like so much fun! I cannot wait to try something like that!

… was that when you twisted your knee, on that drop? That run is even more fun, when the temps are mild, not bumping 90+.

I got to get out today, too… took all the boys down on their bikes to the local 7/11 for slurpies and tag in the parking lot. :sunglasses:

Ride On!

Awesome guys, wish I could have made it. Sleep sounded so much better at the time. I definitely want to check it out sometime.

This is a great trail - something for everyone!

When we rode it last year, it was definitely a great mix of “wow, that bit was really fun!” and “wow, it’s really fun watching Josh do that bit!”


There has to be another term invented.
The off road riding I do is so light compared to this. HOw do I dare call it muni.

Should I call it limuni. Light muni? :slight_smile:

Those are some great pics. It looks like so much fun.

Looks like a great ride, nice pics.

Yeah, I’m with Unibugg on this, I’d say I do more puni, for park uni, but that just sounds bad.

the term is “cross-country”

the boundary bewteen x-country and muni depends entirely on how good you are, Kris is famously quoted as saying most of the stuff he rides is really only cross-country