Suicide Connector Revisited (Muni)

Jim and Todd drove up from Orange County, Hans, Eyal and Julian came down from Santa Barbara, and Josh “Sky King” Schoolcraft busted lose from a withering grad. course in aeronautics and joined me and the others for a group of seven on Suicide Connector (Agora Hills, So. Calif.), a trail we hadn’t ridden in months. The ledgy rock bits are fun rolling–challenging in spots-and the steep shale chutes exciting, but Connector is first and foremost a launch pad. DH bikers have recently built a few new jumps that added spice to the regular single track.

This is one we need to video (we’re too lazy) to convey the real magnitude. One of the drops/gaps Josh was trying was better than ten feet. Despite being mainly a trials rider, Todd was repeatedly going for an eight footer. We were impressed.

My back is sore. Josh will post pics.


Sounds cool!

I have nothing to add except that it was awesome to meet Jim and Todd. I’m really impressed at how well they did on a trail they’d never seen before, and I’m glad they put up with 3 hours of driving to meet up with us.

Oh, and holy smokes! Someone needs to give that Josh a pilot’s license! That, or check him into a mental hospital. Largo wasn’t exaggerating when he reported 10 feet. Josh hadn’t touched his muni in a month, and this is what we get? Josh, either teach us your tricks, or never ever do that again :wink:

Gallery link:

Big thanks to everyone who spent time behind the camera - mostly Jim. All the pics are high-flying action shots, and well timed. Jim and Julian are conspicuously absent from these images, but they were certainly present and active on the ride. Thanks guys!

Todd claims he doesn’t ride much. I don’t believe him.

“Play it safe Eyal” had to talk me into riding a couple of lines (mostly by riding them first), so he’s got no latitude to accuse me of daredevilry…:wink:

What a blast! Great group of guys and an honor to ride with them. I had as much fun riding as watching these guys go for huge drops. Suicide Connector goes toward the top of the list of trails I’ve ridden. Josh blew my mind with the repeated 10 footers, Eyal’s smoothness was amazing to watch, Hans went for some scary stuff, John is John and always sacrifices body parts and Todd gets the “Step it up award” for going for the big drops eventhough his Muni has sat for months! I was the wuss of the group, but still did harder lines than I’ve ever done.

Sounds like funl I’ll have to try that place…can someone give me directions from Torrance?

wow…it was REALLY fun!!! I want to do that again! I’m having fun showing my friends the pic of my drop!

thanks for the great ride, you guys!

Great pictures!

Someone needs to hook you guys up so somone who has a video camera and is willing to take a few minutes and get some footage of all of you guys hitting these lines!:slight_smile: