Sugino square taper cranks?

Anyone use Sugino square taper aluminum cranks? are they an good? I have been looking for some 140 cranks for a while now and found the Sugino alum. and want to run them on my 36er but what about bending etc, I keep bending the steel 150s

Sugino makes a gazillion cranks, so no idea if this will help you or not … But I have a set on an old muni that were made for mountain biking (one “normal” left crank, and a right crank off a tandem). They’re some aluminum alloy, and plenty strong for on-road cokering. They served my muni well for many years of technical muni, albeit with few significant drops (most in the 9" or smaller range).

I have a set of 160’s on my Muni. I’ve been very happy with them for the year that I’ve been using them. I figured that at some point if the break that I would purchase the new KH hub and cranks. So far, they haven’t broken or gotten bent.