Are Meijer’s unis any good? If so, what’s their best trials uni?


A better title would be a good start!

Titles like this don’t do anyone any good. Use something descriptive that tells people what the post is about!

Order from UDC, not department stores. You’re not going to get a high quality uni from Meijers. If you’re just learning but want to do trials, a Nimbus would serve you well, but KH is top of the line.

If you’re looking for a trials/street/flatland uni, these Koxx unis from Meijer’s (and other sources) are the best deal going.

They are actually Koxx-One unicycles, which are very good quality. The best unicycles on that site are the Alien Backflip, Black Domina and Green Spirit. They are the same besides colour and pedals. The Black Domina and Green Spirit have very expensive and grippy pedals on them.