Suggestions to new 24" freestyle/street uni...


I want some suggestions for buying new 24" street/freestyle uni. I’m not ultimate-pro rider (have been riding nearly 2 years) and use uni for going work/home/city mostly, but as summer is near, I’m also practicing freestyle quite a lot.

So the main feature would be standard – very comfy seat and quality frame as I do some jumping and riding stairs. 24" because I ride a lot from place to place…

I live in Estonia/EU, so I think ordering from Germany or Finland will be good option. US/UK are bit too high postage-cost for ordering uni.

I’m thinking about “24 Inch Nimbus X - ISIS”: . In Estonia I can order QU-AX unis too, but I really don’t know if their quality is up to my expetations. My friend has Qu-ax and after a year his having problems with cranks.

Would you suggest Nimbus X? Or what are the other options?

Price is not very big matter, so be open-minded – I want quality ride!

PS! Some misunderstandings about my definitions: by street I really don’t mean hardcore-streetstyle riding with ramps and handrails. This is far future for me and I’ll get a special 20" for that.

I meant simple street riding, freestyle and some modest street elements like stairs and smaller jumps (~50 cm???).

the nimbus X will be good, the ISIS hub will stand up to the rigours of riding stairs etc. A lot of people swap the cranks for the KH ISIS ones as they are stronger, but if you’re not going to be hardcore stuff then there’s no need.

That would be good for what you describe. Also the 24" Qu-Ax Cross w/ shorter cranks.

If you want something that could also be good for Muni, I’d get either:
24" Nimbus Muni w/ 125’s & KH cranks for Muni @ UDC UK or SDC (MDC is out),
Qu-Ax yellow hub
or KH/Schlumph for more speed.

The stock Nimbus cranks aren’t very strong but are prob fine for riding down stairs, as long you don’t do any big drops.

Some prefer the Nimbus II style crown, while others like one like on the X better.

Thank you guys. I think I’ll go for Nimbus X this time and change cranks if needed, good advice…

Koxx Road Monster also got my eye. or is it too rough for freestyling?

Hitting your knees on the frame may be an issue w/ that uni. Older style Nimbus any Yuni frames had similar problems.