suggestions for upgrade?

i currently own a torker CX 20" and was interested in upgrading sometime soon [whenever i manage to destroy the CX] to a torker LX model. my main question would be: which size wheel would be better? i’ll mostly be doing street & trials type stuff, not advancing to Muni-ing [yet]. it seems that the 20" would be better suited for tricks, but the 24" would be good for some distance riding [which i may/may not be doing]. so yeah, any input/enlightenment would be appreciated, thanks!

You aint going to beable to jump stairs on a LX TRUST me, get a DX, it has a splined hub and will take alot of abuse.

As for the wheel size, thats up to you, the smaller wheels are much more responsive, but are pretty dang slow. I remember when I first jumped on a 20" from a 24" felt like I was crawling.