Suggestions for upcoming Muni Film!

I am currently making a Megaman video starring Megaman as muni man ridin extreme stuff all with the fun pixelated theme and maybe even in some levels if i can manage. Obviously this is going to take a while to finish and wont be done probably till jan 3 or so depending on how lazy(or not lazy) i am. Either way i want my efforts to be worthwhile to you the uni comMUNIty and so i need to know is there anything you guys would like to see done in the vid like: Tricks obstacles or enimies. Most anything(pheasable) id be glad to try as long as its within the boundaries of a computer. Although ispelled pheasable attrosciously I hope to get a ton of feedback on what you wanna see. Im already done with most the sprites(not soda) and have laid most of them out in order so please hurry with your comments so i can make this an enjoyable custom movie for all(heck i might even make a kiddie one and not-so-kiddie one so all of you can enjoy some good old blood and political/religious humor while the kids or young at heart can enjoya nice family movie). This movie is going to be 3-5minutes ath the most beause it takes about two to three hours to make a minute of OK AT BEST film.

All suggestions welcome!

P.S. Sorry bout rambling

How about a parody of the other unicycling films out there? Poke a little fun at Dan and Kris and the one-wheeled superstars! In a friendly way of course. It could be fun…

i have the best idea and its just perfect! Keep em comin!

I do have some awesome ideas but more would help because ive already used 2 hours getting like 5 seconds worth of good looking veiwing time done and ive got like 20 more hours before i have a 3 minute video.

How about North Shore riding over pits of lava? Or trails riding where you have to avoid ninjas? Or falling off the end of the earth? Or a UPD where the unicycle gets ran over by a semi truck? Or leaping over buildings in a single bound? Or riding faster than a speeding bullet? Or being more powerful than a locomotive?
I don’t know. I’ve exhausted my ideas. I’m going to go play in the snow!

Muni Man Munis into a cave a rides it, then Gravity Man Hits the juice and he rides on the celing.

Muni Man rides over some spikes and has to change his tire.

Make a pixelated Kris Holm and have them race.

Muni man fires his buster cannon and takes out some enemies, BIKERS!!!

He has power-ups like BC wheel and Giraffe

He falls down a pit and ends up in SUPER MARIO land and stomps a few goombas! :smiley: