suggestions for trials seat!!!

i am going to get a new seat for my trials uni. Should it be miyata or KH gel? Rail adapter or normal screw in seat post? CF rail post or alloy or CrMo? And what handle is good? I know its going to have a CF base for sure. Any suggestion is appreciated.

i know one thing surely not a torker seat

but i would go for the kh jel

buy kyack(sp?) padding cut it in the shape of your seat, sand corners off stick on kh base. best trials seat ever.

dont you know kayak is a palindrome!

Nothin beats a good CF base. My saddle is a Miyata CF base woth Miyata handles(not recomended) and a KH Fusion Cover

i like miyata/lx


You don’t want seat rails for trials. They’ll snag your fingers.

For trials you only need a minimal saddle. You won’t be riding very far on it so padding isn’t that important; in fact, the less padding the better your grip on the saddle will be. Get a CF base and put a thin layer of foam on it, mount it securely to a good seatpost (CrMo is heavy but very strong) and you’re set.

Bumpers are a good idea, they’ll prolong the life of your CF base. Handles, well, that’s what the seatbase is for… put a little vinyl tubing around the base so it doesn’t hurt your fingers when you yank on it. Done!

thank you for you replies, its helped me with my choice in my saddle. im gonna go CF base, Miyata saddle and 22.2mm miyata post.