Suggestions for Breathable Shin guards

Worth the money? If you are someone who’d buy a KH frame over a Nimbus to save weight, then yeah they are worth it. I don’t hit my knees, so I don’t know about the 3D knee pads, but I assume they hook together with velcro.

I just scoped out a video on 661’s site and their shin pads are essentially the same as 661’s “Evo”. I’m wondering which is better. :roll_eyes:

I wear both the Knee & Shin 661 EVO d30 pads

They don’t but it’s never been a problem for me. The “meet” and sometimes “overlap” just below the knee.

To the OP - If you want the best and money is no object, go for the POC pads! I got the POC Joint VPD Elbow and love em! Those really breathe! I will buy the POC Joint Knee/Shin when my 661’s wear out.

wow iv just seen the price :astonished: they need to be something special over the kh and 661 to be worth twice the price dear santa can i have :smiley:

Unirox, is it true that you can take those apart and use them separately?

Just got my hands on the 661 Evo shin…not impressed. The pad coverage is very minimal and they run a bit small. :frowning: Now to return these and find something else.

What’s that, the Evo shin’s? My biggest complaint is that the padding is only on a small portion of the front of the shin; not the side or fully covering the strike area from top to bottom. Am I expecting too much or were they designed to be fairly minimalistic? I mean, they fit very comfortably…especially compared to my old Hammer 2Z’s.

That person is a spammer or a bot. Look at their sig.

But on topic, aren’t the evo’s really hot?

I have no idea…I haven’t worn them. They seem like they’d be very breathable though because there small breather holes all in the front. They fit great, run a bit small, but the coverage in the front really isn’t that impressive. I’m tired if shopping around for the “perfect” shin guard that I may just keep them.

Six Six One Moto Shin Guard

I had forgotton that I had some 661 shin guards I bought for ATVing and I tried them and they are great. They offer much better knee protection than the 661 4x4 guards and since they are open back and a bit shorter they are much cooler. I also find that they stay put and I forget tI have them on. here is a link. They are actually like a 3/4 length size. They also have some flaps on the sides that appear to offer some good protection to the sides of the knees.

I have the fox version of them and they ok not great tho