Suggestions for a Trip Through Japan

Hi all! I am planning a 10 day trip through Japan and using my 36er to explore the cities I stop in. Starting in Fukuoka, Kyushu and going likely to Tokyo. Anyone have suggestions of good cities to visit, places to ride, or anyone in Japan want to meet up for a ride?

Nagano prefecture was home of the 1998 Olympic Winter games, and is full of mountains and great scenery. The city of Matsumoto is there, and has a pretty nice castle. It’s roughly between Kyushu and Tokyo, but well north of the bullet train line. 80% of Japan is mountains, so you could find a big climb almost anywhere. I envy your trip!

I am envious, too. Always wanted to ride Japan. Good luck!

If you’re gonna stay in a hotel, I suggest you to search for hotel room availability and cheap deals in japan.