Suggestions for a trials/light muni unicycle (and introducing myself)

I love my Jim Cielenki pedals… but you are wrong here.

Since your list is comparing the features of a DX and a KH20… this is very wrong.

The Wellgo pinned platform pedals the DX comes with are probably 5x or more, grippier than the Odyssey pedals.

I ride Jim Cielenki’s, I won’t switch, unless I buy the Trail Mix pedals…

Also, Jim Cielenki’s are very heavy compared to 95% of the pedals out there.

If you want grippy light pedals, go with these.

445 grams compared to 731.

FWIW, prices are basically the same as nowadays. The 20" KH is $499 on both sites. The Torker DX 20" is $259 on and $229.99 from on eBay.

Qu-ax crossfire

I can hardly ride a unicycle but this seems good.

Thank you

Thanks a lot for the replies. They were very helpful and I think I’m going to go with the KH Trials as soon as I can get a few more dollars together :slight_smile: I think it’ll be worth it after everything I’ve read and your guys’ help.

Thanks very much.

Umm, one more thing. What about a cross trials/muni shoe? suggestions?

Thanks again


You will love the KH. =p

For shoes, its very different. For me, I love the sturdy support and amount of grip hiking shoes give, and the ankle coverage is a help.

I also like skate shoes with a good waffle/grid pattern on the bottom.

There are some shoes made for trials, but I have never tried them.

If anything though, try to wear something with a solid sole/bottom, a design to offer decent grip on the pedals, and durable sides.

Shoes are personal. I know riders that ride m-uni with high ankle support hiking boots. I like no ankle support as I feel “restricted”. I like my converses for all types of riders.

Converse just ripped too much for me with muni, street, and trials, and the sole was very flexy. Im sure I have a few clips where you see the shoe just bending down and over the pedal.

I do love them for their flexibility. They are like a better sock. =p

Not to highjack, but this thread was very useful to me, and I wanted to get some more information pertaining to this.

At first, I wanted a coker, then I wanted a 29, and recently, I have been set on a 24, but now that I read this, I am wondering if I should just go for a 20". I live in NYC and I don’t use my uni for commuting. I just use it for joy riding and at the moment beginner tricks (my uni probably won’t survive more than a 6 inch drop). I want to be able to use my unicycle on trails, but, with my environment, I will be using it mostly for trials.

So my question is, will I really get pissed off at how slow a trials will go, or will I be able to deal with it.

(the farthest I really go with my uni is like 1 mile)


20" are that slow but i guess if your only doing 1mile it should suffice.
For trails thou i find a 20" that slow and not fun compared to my KH 24 so i guess it all depends on what you want to do more.

Trials or Trails

PS. you can still do some tricks on a 24 its just harder to learn

Since you are in such an urban environment, I would go for a KH20". Tricks are learned much faster on 20".

If you want a fast commuter, this will SUCK for learning tricks, doing trials etc. You could always get a 24/26" cheap and stick a narrow tire and short cranks.

A 20" is faster than walking by quite a bit. Go for the KH20".
If I were to commute, I would use a bike and/or public transport.

Okay, thanks guys. If I can’t go for a KH20, I am guessing Nimbus or Quax? THanks

I will search around


I’d personally go KH --> Qu-Ax --> nimbus --> torker DX. This isn’t to say nimbus is bad but I know the abuse we’ve put our qu-ax through and its stood up to it all very very well. As for shoes I ride trials on $15 Velcro wal-mart shoes but after a few bad landings due to foot misplacement on the pedal I think I’ll be buying something with a bit more support soon.


wrong. sorry, but Email them to find the real price, it should be MUCH closer to $400 and have $7 shipping no matter what.


You have to e-mail them to get the good price.


Hey guys, this is an update.

I ordered my KH Trials uni from aebike and it should be getting here tomorrow or (most likely) Monday. I Just wanted to say thanks to all those who gave advice, you were a big help.

One last question: Maintenance

I want to keep my new uni as ‘new’ as possible for as long as possible. This thread Maintaining your Splines!!! is a big help and is now in my favorites. Any other suggestions? (or threads I missed)


Watch this video and be forever converted to trials.

You should also know how to maintain and rebuild wheels. It nice being able to do wheel work yourself on a ride, then having to pay $ + ride over.

Uma Update

Danni: Thanks for the link, and thats one of the coolest trials vids I’ve seen so far.

Got my KH Trials 20", and its awesome. Pictures don’t do the Creepy Crawler tire justice: It’s huge!! I love it!

btw I named my new uni ‘Uma’ hehe (Farscape watchers may catch the reference :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m so excited I exhausted myself just riding around the backyard!

How much did the uni cost from AE bike, that can be discussed, i don’t see why it isn’t.

Ended up being 375 + $20 shipping. Their normal is 415 now, but back when they were cheaper someone’s order got lost in the mail and was finally returned to them and they gave me the option to buy that one, which I did even though it’s got a few dings on the frame from being shipped all over the place.

I got pretty lucky :slight_smile: and I do remember someone’s post about their order getting lost in the mail, so thanks to whoever that was.