Suggestions for a 29er?

I would want to do a combination of Muni and road. My buget is $700 although I can stretch it to $800 USD. This KH Unicyle looks good but there’s also the Qu-Ax or would you reccomend the Mad4one for a little bit more or would you recommend a different unicycle?

Focus on the difference and decide what is important to you.

Qu-ax has an inboard disc. More protected but compromises the strength of the wheel. KH has outboard disc.

Qu-ax has a non standard crank interface. KH has ISIS.

Compare the seats and post. Otherwise they are quite similar.

Usually I would say don’t neglect the Nimbus Oracle or steel framed ones (which can be upgraded to take disks) but at the price point for the 2016 KH, that is a nice bargain.

Beware the saddle though, some people love it but others think it is beyond awful so you may be looking at an $65-95 upgrade (as it will need an alternate seatpost) unless you can source spares.

As for handling, the only real difference between a road 29er and a muni is the tyre. Take a look at the tyre review thread for some recommendations if the fitted one is not right for you.

As has been previously posted, the QuAx ues a different crank interface so you do not have nearly the choice of updates. From experience, the saddle on that unicycle is really quite good.

The mad4one uni does look nice but what is the import cost (the same may go for the QuAx). The cranks may also be propriety as well.

For me it’s two considerations , is it ISIS interface, and easily upgradeable to Schlumpf. For me it’s KH.

I am just a Newbie, but have made notes on the different models so as to be as informed as possible when I get around to buying a larger wheeled uni. I think both of them are very good choices.

Some points not mentioned, there might be others:

The KH uses a wider 3.25" tire compared to the 2.2" on the QU-AX

The current KH 29 has a stronger lighter rim without holes, ready for tubless kits. The previous generation rim has holes in the rim. The frame is wider to accomodate the larger tire.

The KH is available in Blue. The QU-AX is available in black or white. This might be a minor detail, but I recall a statistic from motorcycle days, that people who wore white helmets instead of black had 30% less accidents due to improved visibility. Something to consider if planning to ride in traffic.

The underside of the seatpost tube is cosed on the KH to keep the inside of the frame clean. This is good in one way, but reduces the adjustability range of the seatpost.

You have to stick with KH spirit cranks on the KH, otherwise you will not have brakes. I am not sure of the Q-factor on the QU-AX and how it might compare to the KH cranks.

The seats on both are excellent, but there are differences. What is comfortable for one person, might not be as good for the next one. Personal preference.

Minimum inseam lengths KH 75cm QU-AX 81cm, can be shortened by various means.

I have owned all 3 square tapper Isis and qaxle and have not had a problem with any but I am very carefull to keep my square taper crank bolts tight the qaxle is 24mm diameter vs most Isis are 22mm it has a drilled centre making it 130gms lighter than its Isis predecessor qaxle also has a larger connection surface than Isis it has 42mm bearings and is 100mm wide so I don’t see why a schlumpf would not fit but it would need new cranks ,as far as cranks go they have 125 136 145 110/136 125/145 so most common sizes and are a lot easier to change ,my wife’s bike was a early shimano interface and has been trouble free for most riders both would provide many years trouble free .

Thanks for posting this feedback on the Q-Axle. I am in the beginner stage, practicing on 19" KH Trials and 20" reinforced learner (I am a big guy and need a stronger unituntil I get lighter). I am planning out my purchase to a larger size as I get better at this.

At this point I probably will go either with a QU-AX or Kris Holm. If I go with a 24" I will probably go with the QU-AX. The reason for this is I really do not like holes in my rims, and this option is not available on the 24" KH. I also prefer the disk brake be in a better protected position behind the frame. The Q-Axle is lighter and I think a step forward from the ISIS design. I prefer the symtrical spokes of the KH, but it is not available or even designed yet with the brake inside the frame. On the 24" wheel, this should not be a major strength issue, it might be a bigger factor on a larger wheel. The both take the same sized 24" x 3.00" tire.

If I go to the larger 27.5 or 29 size, I am more likely to go with the KH, but am not 100% sure yet. It now has an updated rim without holes, slightly wider frame, ready to go tubeless if I want that option. I don’t know if this is available or not on the QU-AX On the larger wheel size, the symmetrical spokes might be more of a factor. The KH has a significantly larger tire, which might be a big plus, but I am not sure of all the positives and negatives of these wheel size options

As the Q-Axle is lighter than the ISIS option, I am guessing the entire wheel set is lighter, especially on the 27.5 " and 29" with the narrower tire.

Kh 2016 vs Nimbus steel framed

I decided on either the KH 29" 2016 or should I get the cheaper nimbus steel framed one with shimamo brakes?

Hi there

You’ll be happy with either. If you are starting out and you want to save money you might as well go for the cheapest. I’ve got both KH unicycles and Nimbus/Quax steel frame unicyles. They are all great and you can do the same things with one or the other.

As others have already pointed out the 29 KH comes with dual hole cranks, wider aluminum frame, wider rim for bigger tyre, and a flat saddle. The question is if you want to pay the extra money for that spec. The KH is a top of the range Mountain Unicycle but that particular spec might not be that great for road riding for example. In my case when I was starting out I just went for the cheapest Mountain Unicycle (quax steel 26 Muni) and I used it for everything (cross country, road, around town etc…)

The Nimbus steel frame with inboard disc brake sounds good to me. The brake will come handy when going down steep hills (specially if you are starting out).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The KH is more of a specialized offroad unicycle, and an excellent choice for that purpose, but some features that are a plus offroad are a detriment on hard flat surfaces, namely the wide rim and wide tire. Personally I dislike the Zero saddle (I have one for sale if anyone is interested :p) and if your but is like mine that might be an expensive upgrade. If you do plan on riding rough trails you can’t get a much better starting point though.

The Nimbus is more of a good solid all-rounder. The rim isn’t too wide for more standard tires. It can easily be made serviceable for road or trail. I really like the Nimbus Stadium saddle, and some like the skinnier stance of zero Q cranks, but I prefer a bit of width to my cranks (KH Spirit). The Nimbus is an excellent place to start on a price point especially if you don’t know which direction your riding will go.

Don’t buy gear based on my preferences (Saddle, cranks, etc.) With a bit of experimentation I am sure you will find what works well for you.