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I tried to research these two unicycles, since I am looking for a cheap unicycle for commuting(10km) that is small/portable.
I decided on 26" wheel, and ended up with these two.
The price are very similar, the torker is $10 more when shipping is included.
The Club26" has 150mm cranks while Torker has 175mm, so Club can go a bit faster.
However…how has anyone ridden on these seats before? how would they compare?
I am also guessing, that riding off some curbs would be okay for both of these?


actually, torker would be a bit cheaper than club:

Do you know how to unicycle already?

You also need to think about any components on a cheaper unicycle that you won’t be able to live with, such as an uncomfortable saddle.
By the time you have swapped out a couple of bits, you can be closer to the cost of a better quality uni.

I am currently considering this as my next uni.

The Club’s a better bet IMO. UDC made, so it’s decent quality. The single wall rim makes it a bit iffy on curbs, but probably doable if you’re not doing them all the time. It’s a pretty good uni, and I almost bought one when I was learning. If you can spend a bit more cash, you could get a Nimbus II. Those are better still, and very durable.

In all honesty though, if you stick with it, and learn to ride, you’ll probably end up upgrading before you know it…

what is “udc”?

I am actually looking at this now…aalso from Club. seems to have good prices + free shipping, is it a good source? There aren’t many reviews on the website

Yes, I can ride a 20", that was from that I won in a raffle.

Would 24" be much slower than 26"?

I can’t decide what size to get…24,26,29…
Are they different enough so that I would buy all sizes in the future…or can I skip, say, the 26", or 24".
I think hopping up and down things is cool, riding off curbs or across grass also fun…I’d like to go ~10km to places…so as of now, I’m not into extreme Muni or touring long distances…kinda in between. And asking my dad to buy more than 1 or 2 unicycles, or anything too expensive is unrealistic.

I’m actually going to go against what most other people are likely to say. I say get a 29er if you can. A 24 is okay for riding around town. I can cover 10km in about 45 minutes, but it’s quite tiring for me. A 26 isn’t much different from a 24, just a larger selection of tires to choose from. You could go from a 20 to a 26 and get a decent size change, but then if you wanted to get a larger wheel, a 26 is too close in size to a 29 to get a sizeable speed change. I got a Nimbus 24 and wish I had waited to get a 29. Unless you want to be jumping stuff, I would skip the 24 and go to the 26 or 29. But it is all personal preference. It depends on what you want to do.

Oh, and UDC is the abbreviation for

thanks for the advice!
I will probalby not buy a 26" for now
a 24" and a 29"
and my dad seems okay…but wont order until school is over for me(wants me to concentrate on hw Dx)
guess I’ll keep riding around the neighborhood with my 20"

+1 on 29
Torker makes the AX in 29", but you’d have to get a new post for most other seats. (The LX/AX seat is a brick IMO)

I’d get one of the Nimbuses, but they are more than twice as much. Stronger everything and more cumfy seat. But if all u do is cruise around the strength issue is mute & if money is tight I’d get the Club 26 (cheaper & easier to upgrade the seat than The LX). Personally I’d save up for a Nimbus or KH (Kris Holm) uni.

I’m pretty sure that the AX has been discontinued. I’ve looked around a bit and I can’t find them.
I am waiting for this to use for longer commutes

But, first bought a 24" club from, ground fed-ex shipping for 4dollars, much cheaper shipping compared to udc. The thing is…it arrived today! was ordered yesterday…!
It says it was shipped from GA to Hayneedle in CA, then shipped to my address :\

I hope to use this for a while, lend my 20" to a classmate for learning. Once the 29" is in stock, hopefully my 20" helped enough of my friends to learn, that a friend will buy it off of me, or I can just keep it.
If I really get into commuting while just using the 24", I’ll maybe think about saving to get a nimbus 29".

What is different about the trainer vs nimbus 29? better material, seat comfort, what else makes it 2x the price?

My dad won’t let me open the 24" though!! :frowning:
Took one physics test today, another standardized test next saturday. He said I need to wait until after next saturday…though I can go out and ride my 20" still, I guess I shouldn’t.

Trainer has a single wall rim and square taper axle. Nimbus 29 has doublewall rim and ISIS axle, which ultimatley means it’s stronger.