Suggestion: Uni Classifieds Forum

Seems like there are a lot of us looking for stuff to buy, and an equal number looking for things to sell.

Could we create a Forum just for member classifieds?

I’d think some rules might be appropriate. Not that we’ve demonstrated any collective discipline or inclination to follow rules. We Rue Rules

For example, I’d suggest that you had to be a registered member to post there, perhaps even a member for 2 weeks or so, just to keep bible salesmen and other scoundrels from hocking their wares.

Ads for members’s personal items are free; maybe business ads cost $5 per month.

Only uni stuff? Or not?

Is this idea possible or worthy of consideration?

(Sorry if this idea has already been discussed and dismissed. But not too sorry.)

I like the idea.

It seems like there are threads all the time with people selling stuff. Then they are always bumping then to keep them at the top.

Sounds good to me also.

I created a new forum.

Awesome. Now I just have to find things I want to buy or sell.

Thanks Gilby!

Thank you Gilby.


Thank you…:slight_smile:

rock on man

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i think that new forum sould be dedicated to me. i’ve sold so much crap its unreal and now that i dont have anything to sell we have this?


will that forum get out to the usnet people? ive sold alot to folks that never registared or even posted in RSU. they just saw the thread and what not then contacted me.

Re: G-man

(powers that be tell me)
the answer is no, this thread is the only notice usnet folks will get to this new forum…if its missed so will be the posts in that forum as-well.