Suggestion for the Product Review forum...

Firstly I think the Product Review forum is a great idea. We’ve got quite a few really helpful reviews there now but I’m sure we can do better. I was just thinking that maybe instead of asking questions and so on as replies to each review, we could send private messages or emails to ask questions. That way we could put only additional reviews or comments about the product as replies. Then people could search for a product, and scan through a few different reviews all in the one thread without having to look at individual threads for different reviews.

Just a thought,
Andrew Carter

I think that is a good idea…unless the question would add to the review.

Yeh I agree that it’d be fine if the question gave the reader more information.

Maybe what’s needed is some hands-on editing to capture the useful information, including on-topic questions and answers, and put them in a more permanent location somewhere. This should not be fixed, however, and should be revisited from time to time with any additional useful info from the Review forum.

Sounds good to me.

I feel that the foru should be left alone, and if someone would like the position of being in charge of logging product reviews, and creating a master page of reviews… well knock yourselves out.

i too think the Review forum is good as is.the more posts on one product in one place the better.