Suggested International Unicyclist Picnic Day.

I think the people of this forum should make an International Picnic for Unicyclists Day.

Meaning that when the day hits, Unicyclists in the region that they live in (Eg Sydney, Melbourne, Portland, Essex, etc) would meet up and have a fun day out to meet other unicyclists, Trick listings, Picnic munchies, etc.

Not UNICION or UNINATS, more of a social thing.

  • There could be a gallery of annual unicycle picnic meets here on the forums.
  • Competitions between the individual meets.
  • Most tricks for most points tournaments.
  • Each year could have a theme that everyone goes by (Eg funny hat day, Wear yellow day, etc)

Let me know what you think by posting on this thread please. :smiley:

Or if you have any ideas, add them here as well too also.

I think it’s a good idea, it could expose more people to unicycling, and it’d be a laugh.

I love picnics, so yes it’s a brilliant idea

Sounds like a great idea… have you a date in mind?

I think it’s a real good idea!

We should do it anytime in summer :smiley:

I also think this would be a good idea and I also think it should be during the summer(August 4th to be exact).

That is what August 28–International Harper Day–is for. Like so many of the old threads that don’t really need to be duplicated, there is no need to pick a different day. International Harper Day can serve the purpose quite well. It is after all, by definition, international.

Here is a picture of some unicyclists in mid-picnic during last year’s IHD celebration.

July 6th (7/6)
June 7th (7/6)
Depending on where you live (How you abbreviate the date). And meet up at 8:00 so it is 768.

You mean like World Series baseball? :wink:


Perhaps, but how many individual meets are on that one day? That looked like one, and didn’t look to be very international.

“The 5th Annual International Harper Day festivities were held on the Iron Horse Trail in Washington.” Sounds like a localised event rather than meets in multiple international locations at the on the same day.

Lol, like that. Called World Series Baseball, because it sounds better than plain Baseball. Annual International Harper Day doesn’t have the same ring to it if you take off “Annual” and “International”.

I don’t think you guys are taking this seriously enough.

Care to elaborate?

I cant speak for Hazmat, but I have never organised an event in my life, so I’m not exactly overflowing with knowledge on the matter. The Idea was posted to see if it’d generate interest, and to get some input from the community. At this point in time, it’s just an idea, if people are interested and people point us in the general right direction, then it could be more than just an idea.

I’m liking this idea so far… But somehow I see the Essex event having a population of about 2 people :frowning:

Still, it would be a laugh, have a couple competitions, vids etc. any date in mind? Could vary ever year if there is no clear idea.

More food for you then.

Alrighty then! Cant ride on an empty stomach :smiley:

That doesn’t seem to stop you from shooting off your mouth on the subject… :wink:

I am not trying to tell anyone how to organize this; I think it should be a grassroots affair. All I’m saying is that there is no need to boost threadcount debating a date, as one already exists. It’s August 28th. Anyone in the world is welcome to join the Seattle-area version of the event, but if that’s too far to travel, there’s a local version right outside your front door, just waiting to be organized. And it’s just unicyclists…what can be so tough about organizing a bunch of them?

How am I shooting my mouth off on the subject?

I just said it sounds a good idea, it’d be a laugh and it’d expose more people to unicycling.

"And it’s just unicyclists…what can be so tough about organizing a bunch of them? "

That reminds me, I’ve seen a couple over here but missed talking to them, so I’m to try locating them.

What do you guys think of the International Harper Day meet for it to be the picnic day as well or would you prefer a month later/earlier??? :thinking:

Dosnt really seem nessesary to me. But i’d still celebrate it haha.

About the “International Harper Day” thing - I think the reason it became known as that was that at least one foreign rider happened to be around and turned up for the ride on a couple of occasions. My remark was intended in jest, hence the winky thing.