Suggest a ride/trail: St Petersburgh, FL April26- May01, 2012

My wife and I are going to be in St Petersburg, FL from April 26 to May 01 for my little brothers wedding. I was hoping to get some suggestions on places to ride. We’re game for muni (beginner/intermediate) or paved trails up to about 20 miles max.

And if anyone in the area would want to get together for a group ride, that would be cool too. Thinking Saturday morning, but also maybe Thursday evening, Friday morning, or any time Monday.

There’s a variety of not-too-challenging offroad trails with nice, semitropical woodsy scenery at Wilderness Park across the bridge in Tampa,
or a set of more challenging offroad trails a little farther away at Alafia River State Park.
As for paved, there’s a nice little bayside jaunt downtown that I’ve enjoyed plenty of times.
There’s also the Pinellas Trail, a chain of rail trails that run from downtown St. Pete up into Pasco county. It’s pretty flat and uneventful, and the scenery varies from pretty nice (downtown St. Pete, Tropicana Field, Seminole, Bay Pines, Dunedin) to fairly unimpressive (SW St. Pete, Largo, downtown Clearwater), but if you’re looking to stretch your legs, it could be a good way to see quite a bit of the county.

The Gulf side of Pinellas county is unfortunately quite a bit more car-oriented, and not nearly as interesting to cycle.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the suggestions. I’d love to check out Alafia State Park if we have the time. Sounds cool. Definitely going to try your bayside jaunt. That area near the Dali Museum is pretty nice if I recall.

I was also considering a ride from Coachman Park to Pier 60 over the new Memorial Bridge in Clearwater, but I’m not sure how steep the incline is. I’m pretty familiar with the Pinellas trail in that part and agree that it’s not the most impressive.

Thanks again.

The incline should be doable with some determination. I don’t think I’ve been over the new bridge - hopefully it’s better than the old one, which wasn’t particularly cycle- nor pedestrian-friendly. At least the causeway itself has a nice, separated multiuse path, however.