sugerloaf bound

me and my friend josh are going to unicycle down sugerloaf/usa pictures to follow
any tips on snow unicycling

Will they let you?

Somehow I think they won’t let you on the lifts. You might want to contact them before going.

pshh, dont bother with wimpy lifts, if they dont let you on, HIKE and then uni down… I dont think you really need to bother with snow unicycling either, half the trails are still dirt.

If your taking suggestions, I say do White nitro, then down to the flume, and video tape it, it could be good for a laugh

ya us riding our asses down white nitro that would be funny u jsut gotta have the balls to do it
and were gonna put our unis in the backpack take the super up and go to the t bar and hike the rest