Sudden rise in pop-up ads???

All of a sudden, for reasons I’m unsure of, I’ve been getting many many more pop-up ads when the only site I have open (or opened) is Is anyone else having this happen?

It’s really been just the last 2 or 3 days, but very noticable increase.


I don’t have any.

I’d say you have a spy/adware problem. Try installing adaware and see what’s bugging your computer.

Right you were…a LOT of trash on there. Good recommend on that program. I had to run it twice to ferret everything out, but it definitely did the trick.


while adaware is good,
spybot will kill it, and keep it from coming back. and it searches a lot faster, and catches just as many/more bugs than adaware does.

CrazyBrowser comes with built-in Pop-Up Killer stuff
i’ve been using it since i saw it in that thread and i really enjoy the functionality of it
it even keeps score of the amount of pop-ups it kills

the google toolbar, available free at, also has a pop up killer that counts score. It also ads a handy google search box to your browser, and it will highlight search terms found on a website for you.

I purchased Norton Internet Security last year and have not had a pop up since!!!

This programs is great for pop ups, spam and for keeping snoops out of my computer.

It’s a tad expensive but quite worth the money as far as I am concerned.

It is actually best to run both of them, the big weakness with relyung soley on Spybot is that they does not update their database very often but Adaware updates theirs almost daily. For this reason, Adaware will always find spyware that Spybot will not. Spybot is still good to run, especially since it has blocking capabilities.