suckin at muni

ok so ca muni weekend is like next week, and uh i still can’t ride muni I tried a relitively easy trail, the mine hill trail in quicksilver park, and uh i sucked. first i rode up part of it
i got 100 - 150 ft before my first upd, another 50 before next and i continued to fall and walk,and ya. I got a 3rd of the way there before i turned back and iwrode the whole way back no problem. but on the way up it was like mount ride 30 ft and fall, and evetualy i couldnt mount.

nyway any sugustions, i gotta week to learn.

  • ben unruh

just go who cares if you upd… can you just walk up the trials and let the more experienced riders ride up them… all thats important is that you have fun

couldn’t have said it better myself. just go and make a good time of it. There will be plenty of people to help you out!:smiley:

Yeah, on the second day of Northstar I was totally dead and couldn’t ride properly. I walked more than I would have liked to, but still had lots of fun.

Just ride and you’ll get better.

The others are right, however it’s also good practice to try riding your unicycle offroad for the first time EARLIER than a week before a major offroad unicycle event. it’s too late to “get ready” for CMW (ironic coming from me, being as I haven’t trained at all and will surely be complaining about soreness within a mile of the first ride)

Nothing anyone says is going to make you a drastically better muni rider in a week. Just practice and have fun. CMW is not a competition. All that I’ve noticed asked is that when on singletrack trails, let people pass you if they need to. Nobody’s going to mind you falling, and even the best riders walk, especially on uphills.

  1. Make sure you have safety gear for those UPDs (we all do those).

  2. Notice (as seen on the web site) the main rides are generally downhill. They are shuttle rides, where you don’t have to ride up.

  3. As long as you can walk the trails, you’ll have a great time and learn a lot!

alright thanks for the advise everyone, see you at cmw

That sounds like what happened the first time me & my friends tried to ride down snowdon… It was only a year after we’d started to learn and we missed out massive sections, walked and rested most of the time, but still had a great time. If you do something really hard but put loads of effort into it, you’ll learn a lot more.

Wish I could go to CMW, sounds ace… Maybe in a few years.


First, don’t despair!

At first, MUni is tiring. No doubt about it. Every UPD is a break in your rhythm, and forces a mount. If your freemounting is still weak, it will rapidly tire you out. Then you get angry and frustrated and think you’ll never manage it,a nd want to throw the unicycle in the hedge.

The best practice for MUni is to ride stretches of fairly easy but rough ground with occasional forays int something more difficult. This way, you get saddle time in, and you never end up miles from base, tired out, and unable to ride. Gradually, the definition of “fairly easy but rough ground” develops until you are regularly riding the stuff you used to find challenging.

Riding anything downhill is 10 times easier physically and technically than riding the same section uphill.

Don’t aim too high too soon. Stretch yourself a bit at a time, and enjoy the ride.

I have never muni’d in my life, so i wouldn’t know how hard it is, but it sounds pretty difficult. it also sounds fun, and i live by a couple of mountains, so i might think about going there with my older brother and his friend to try it out. :slight_smile:

When I went on the East Coast Muni event at Kent Hills NY last year, I ran along with those Muni experts, didn’t even bring my uni. Learned more than I realized, and met some great guys.

Warning, some things they do will appear easier than real life.

Well, to nit pick: Many trials lines are easer going up than down. There are a few ravines near trails by my house that I can hop up higher than I can ride down from.

Not to nit pick, but he DID say riding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, i have only seen people MUni, i haven’t really done it myself. but as i say, maybe i can get my brother motivated and we can both go to the mountains by our city and MUni along a trail or something.
I do know that mountain unicycling is the fastest growing popular way to unicycle in the unicycle worlld (more and more people are MUni-ing)