Sucide Mount???

sounds scary! anyone out there who can do it or knows how to do it i wanna attempt it nut i need advice first… :thinking:

hey treepotato.
Yer, It took me ages to learn to suicide mount… but its really kool.

Start off learning a jump mount:
Hold the unicycle infront of you, holding on to the front of the saddle, with the cranks level, how you would have them for hopping. Now jump onto it NOTE: make sure you land with your feet on the pedals first, not your nuts on your seat! :astonished:

To suicide mount, do the same, but before you jump, take your hand off the saddle, so the unicycle is standing freely, and jump onto it before it falls over. again, remeber to land on your feet! LOL

have fun, and stay safe (wear padded shorts! :wink: )

Hope that helped a bit…


sounds like fun…!

hee hee thanx 4 the tips! i’m nervous but determined 2 learn it!

cheerz :wink:

It is all about going for it. It is actually quite easy to do if you commit. I found the best technique was to stand behind the uni, count to three, pause, think about it, pause, count to three again, pause again, count again, and so on.

When I was learning to ride I could suicide mount more consistantly than a normal free mount. I haven’t even tried it for a few years. I think I might have lost that trick now.

It didn’t take to long to learn it the first time; the main part was finding the courage to do it. Then it just took a single failed and very painful attempt ( :astonished: ) to unlearn it, and I’ve not managed it since…


Re: Sucide Mount???

Hey TP,

If the big man can do it…


It’s easy…it’s all in the mind. If you land with the softies on the seat, the seat will simply kick out of the way (for the most part)

I say it’s easy because I did it the very first try…how many uni skills do you do the very first try?

Coker Suicide


thanx 4 the tips. reassurnace (and 4 scarying me even more Phil!) only joking :wink:

I found the suicide mount very easy. I started by learning the free mount. It took me about 5 tries to get it. Then i thought i would try a suicide. The longest part was trying to balance the uni. I jumped and was successful. I have only done about ten of them but i did do them.


The biggest psychological obstacle to doing the suicide mount is the fear of mashing your gonads. However, the more real danger is landing unevenly and the uni scooting away, perhaps hitting your shin in the process.

I did a few suicide mounts a while back - to say I’d done it. I found these things helped:
Lower the seat a bit.
Do it on mown grass - the uni is less likely to scoot away.
Put pedals in the preferred position for hopping.
Either do it or don’t do it… but no half measures.

Good luck.

If it all goes wrong, as k the doctor to take away the pain and leave the swelling. ;0)