Successful start for my unicycle class

As a part of my plan/goal to start a unicycle club in my area, I submitted a proposal for a uni class to a small private school and a local church in my area. Nothing developed at the school, but I worked out arrangements with the church to teach unicycling in their gym. To promote the class, my daughter and I took our unicycles and spent an evening at a church function. We also rode in a parade last weekend then I sat in a booth all day at the same festival Saturday and Sunday to promote the class.

The class started this past Tuesday night and we had 5 people show up to learn and 1 non-riding parent. I’ve also contacted our local paper and next we’ll have Tim M. joining us. He’s a reporter from the paper and is trying to get his uni paid for by the newspaper. That means he must be planning to do an article on the class, or the people, or something… Can’t hurt to get a reporter hooked on the sport!

Info for the class members are:
Bob (40+), Spencer (10), Calvin(12) - father and 2 sons
Bethany (10) and her non-riding mother
Chris - male (17)
Tim (guessing late 20s to early 30s)

For the first class students were using my unicycles and all have ordered or will be ordering unicycles. Bob and Chris both rode about 10 - 15 feet each on their best ride. All the kids are still using a person or 2 walking along side for balance, but progress for each is obvious. All have been sucked into the sport and I have no doubt will all be riding soon.

I also have another person who I will teach on the side since he is a college student and has a Tues night class. His mother is a key person and part time employee at the church. I know she is going be supportive of my efforts to keep using the gym on a weekly basis after the class is over on Nov 22nd.

My daughter was also at the class and was very generous in sharing her unicycle and thus rode less. But she got in her share of riding, especially on her new 20" unicycle that is replacing her 16" uni. She is enjoying having other kids riding a unicycle with her.

The only negative of the whole evening was very little riding time for me. BUT, I am gladly teaching them because I know it will be so much fun to ride together as a gang in the future. I really do enjoy seeing them smile as they learn to ride and celebrate their successes!

During the promotion of the class I have also met 2 other unicyclists from the area, one adult and one high schooler. Another unicyclist from the area I met recently via this forum (unidaddy) will be coming to ride during the class also. So for some of the classes, we may have as many as 10 people unicycling. I am used to riding by myself or with my daughter. This is a very significant increase in unicyclists in the area!

Next step is to work on keeping the gym open on a weekely basis and keep our core group for a club. Lots of momentum here in Washington County. I love it! I’ll be keeping you posted.

Bill Hamilton

hearty slap on back

Great stuff Billham!
Keep up that great missionary work among the non-unicyling world!
(and keep us posted on progress)

Bravo Billham!! Great way to promote the sport. I hope others on this forum will follow your example. I can see myself doing this one day if I ever get to point where I can ride competently. Keep up the great work!!:smiley:

Good Luck Bill. Sounds like you are on your way to having a Club!

So glad to hear the first class was such a resounding success! I can’t wait to be there Tuesday…got a new KH saddle and am eager to get my hopping skills going. I’ve got the side mount more consistent, along with a suicide mount or three under my belt (maybe crotch would be a better word). I’m looking forward to the learning forum where we can all have fun picking up skills and seeing the fresh riders light up with the new sensation of gliding around on one wheel. Bill, you’re inspiring with your commitment to the sport and the enthusiasm you devour it with is infectious…Kudos to you!


Glad to hear everything is working out pretty much as you planned, Bill. Good luck. Sounds like you’ll have a healthy sized group soon.

That is so cool, Bill. You’re an evangelical unicycler. If you don’t have a group, form one. Good luck. You should post as Billy Graham from now on.

Re: Successful start for my unicycle class

the rest of the stuff is hard work, but that takes dedication

well done!!

ps. have any of your new students joined this forum yet?

Right on Bill, I’m glad it worked out for you!

The news coverage is great (and I got some riders from my own newscovereage), but by far the most people who have contacted me about the club have seen my card in the bike shops

Keep up the great work

Way to go Bill! When we started the MUC we had only 3 people! You have a great core to work with! Great job!


That is definately cool that your getting unicycle out there, and that people are sticking with it. I have a student right now, I think around 10 yrs, we had one lesson, another tomorrow, and she’s borrowing my unicycle, her grandma says she’s really dedicated. Some other kids I know are getting the hang of it. Next time we have a unicycle event close by it’ll be cool. Actually the local club is gonna have the “tour de leola” I think the second one coming up soon, i’ll keep yous posted.