Successful giraffe mount!

Today I successfully free-mounted my 6-foot savage! And that after probably 7 - 8 hours of quality practice time total over 3 weeks (maybe less). I am almost to the point of being brave enough to bring up my juggling equipment to truly dazzle the eyes of the ignorant bystanders. I can idle fairly stably, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Ok, I’ll stop talking to myself so you can move on to reading other more interesting posts.

What could be more interesting? You have subdued the camelopard. You have saddled him and made him to do your bidding.

Hmm… maybe this is more interesting. I have now successfully freemounted about 10 times, with an average success rate of about 1 in 5. Earlier today I did a couple of “wall mounts” (holding onto the wall to get up), and then on the very first try successfully did a freemount. All that with no warmup except the wall mounts! I am very pleased with such progress.