Success :)

Went out to the apartment complex carport with my 20" Torker LX, and started trying to ride again.
Good news is that one time (about the 6th try), I rode 40 ft!
A couple tries later, I made it about 20 ft.
Then my brain started playing tricks on me. I mount with first placing my left foot on the “back pedal”, then stepping up and placing my right foot on pedal and sit down. That’s how I’ve practiced and how I’m comfortable mounting. After maybe a dozen mounts and trying to ride, my brain kept saying I needed to start riding with my left foot forward. I kept riding short distances anywhere from 2 ft to 10 ft and then it felt the seat wasn’t quite high enough. I mounted a few more times, but the distance traveled kept getting shorter, so I stopped.
No face plants, no landing on hands and knees :slight_smile: I was able to basically step off when I started losing balance. Legs started getting tired so I quit for the day.
lol, tomorrow can’t get here soon enough :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s fantastic, oldfatboy! It sounds like you retained quite a bit from your first go-round. That’s about where I was maybe in week 5 or 6, if even then. Keep up the good work.

Good job, you’re almost there. All of a sudden it will “click” and you’ll be on your way. Don’t get discouraged by the fact you can’t go very far before your legs turn to rubber. You use way more energy than needed when starting out.

Thanks LargeEddie and jona.
I was sure hoping it would be easier this time, but didn’t know what to expect.
This is one happy guy :slight_smile:

Taking off this morning was a lot easier than last week. Felt comfortable with my right foot forward. Also, the good news is I make the 40’ distance 4 different times that I was very happy with. Mentally, I was trying to tell myself to sit down but after 1/2 hr, my legs were getting pretty tired. I am learning that for me, I need to speed up a bit more to keep my balance. I also raised my seat about 1/2" and even that seemed to feel more comfortable.
lol, already getting anxious to ride the 24" Toker for comfortable pedaling, but know I need to be patient.

Just spent a short time riding this morning, and my last ride was for about 60’.
I ran out of room to ride, so had to stop there.
Will post a pic of the “carport” or parking area of where I’m riding later.
That 60’ ride felt great and thought it was a good way to end :slight_smile:

Congrats on your progress. You’re well on your way!

Thanks Bradford. Haven’t been able to ride for the last couple of days but should be out tomorrow.

Hey OFB, when I was right about where you now are in the learning process, I found it very helpful to start riding over some uneven pavement- potholes, bumps, frost heaves…

To keep your balance when riding over these obstacles, you will be forced to make calculations and adjustments that are very good for your brain. If you are feeling adventurous, maybe even try riding off a curb. Grab your saddle horn, though, and pull up on it to insure that your feet stay glued to the pedals. Afterwards, when you try riding on flat pavement again, everything will suddenly seem much easier.

Thanks for your help song. I’ll work on it

May be your brain is right: though I am right-handed friends in the unicyclist community think I am left-handed: I start with left-foot forward and use my left hand to grab the saddle. (as a matter of fact I do numerous things with my left hand so may be I should be qualified as “undecided”)
have a try.

The next couple of days of mounting/riding, what I did was sit on saddle and lightly pushed down on left foot. Somewhat satisfied that feeling. Then just started riding with right foot forward as I normally do. So far, takes care of it.

Well, timing can be good or bad. I got a call from the senior center in Soldotna, Alaska and they had an open senior apartment open. Since I got the application about 3 yrs ago, I accepted the offer to move in.
I move in starting the 1st of Sept., so now have to start packing everything. Afraid won’t be doing much riding till after the move.
HOWEVER :slight_smile: I do have the 20" in the back of my jeep, so any time I’m free, it’ll be sitting there waiting for me to mount and take a quick ride.
There are lots of sidewalks in Soldotna, and a bike path between Soldotna and Kenai, which is 10 miles away. The path make a large loop between the two towns and contains flat land and small steep hills. Going to be nice when I’m good enough and in good enough shape to ride that route/loop.

Good luck with the move, OFB. Having the 20" in the back sounds like a good situation. It shouldn’t be too hard to get in 10 or 15 minutes of practice now and then, and mixing in a bit of exercise is a really good thing if you stress out over moving like most people do. I hope you stash some pads back there too. The riding arrangement near the new location sounds promising. Take care!

Thanks LE, yes, lots of good riding there, and pads will be in jeep too.