Suburbs trials course ideas

Okay so I live in a tiny cul-de-sac, and the neighbors will get mad if I leave stuff in the middle of the street, so I need something thats cheap, reliable, and small, while also being fun to mess around on. I tried making a little box today but my idea failed and I lost one of my three pallets in the making of it.

So does anyone have any ideas of what I could build myself or something I could buy and transform into a trials obstacle.

If you have something like this, feel free to post a picture of it, I’d like to see it.

I seached this subject by the way, and all that came up was pictures of big trials courses with people with a large amount of property.

Boxes. If you can’t build a box, there is no hope. Find more pallets? Go buy yourself $100 of 2x4s and plywood and make boxes, sandwich boards, skinnies (easiest to make), etc.

Well a box isn’t the easiest to make off an old and rotting pallet with neven planks. I don’t have 100 dollars to be throwing away on wood. But thanks for the suggestion.

Well what am I supposed to say? You have no wood and no money. If you can’t “throw” the necessary cash and time into the course, it will suck ass. My advice is to get some pallets, but you already knew that.

I just practice on kurbs and drains and then next when im better i will practice at the skatepark which is like 5kms away. Ill have to think of something…so i dont have to travel to the skatepark for 5kms. the park down the road has urban structures like benches, kurbs, drains, a playground, bridge,. but making a trials obstacle course…well at my circus school our trainer just put like brooms and chalk on the ground and we had to jump over them but thats probably what u not really lookin for.

You dont need to throw money at it to get a good course (well not were I live) I have spent no money at all on my course and now its getting pretty awesome. If you keep an eye out you will soon start to realise how many pallets there are around. I have got all mine (30-40) from asking people. They are normaly happy enough for me to take them away. At my house we always have alode of scrap wood lying around which is useful but you can always sacrifise a pallet and use that wood. I will take some pics of what I made to give you some ideas. I have to move my course and put it away pertty frequently, when its dry I move it out onto my lawn but only leave it for a day. Either get yourself or make yourself (weld up) a sacktruck this will make it much eisier to move larger obstacles around.

if there are any woods and forrests around you could go and get
a few logs i find theyre realy fun to ride on and they dont cost anything :slight_smile:

It’s annoying to not have pallets, i know all about it… we had a lot of half rotten ones, but one day i went down to my dads work place and asked if they had any i could have or borrow, they said yes. :smiley:

Now i got like 5, and there’s more than 100 down there, that i can take if i want! (yea, i’m lucky)

Anyone knows how many centimeters one pallet is?

I can jump 5 with pedal gram, and 4 without! So I’m kind of proud of myself :smiley: :sunglasses:

The hight of pallets varys by alot, when you stack a few up it makes the difference even more. Do you not have a tape mesure or even a ruler?? Just mesure them yourself, thats the only way to be sure.

Yea I know I can get more pallets to use for wood but I need some kind of basic design. Like if someone could build a basic 1ft. by 1ft. box out of uneven pallet boards and maybe a thin sheet of wood for the top I’d like to see how you managed to do it. ALSO UN1-R1D3R I’d like to see the pictures of some of your stuff, its sounds just like what I’m looking for.

Sandwich boards, skinnies, pallets, and boxes.

Check my sig for building ideas and instructions.

Or get scrap wood for free at construction/demolition sites and lumber yards (If you get it from demolition sites, beware of lead paint. I’d sand the paint off in a very well ventilated area, while wearing a REALLY good mask.)

My grandfather built a 6’ high, 300’ long fence almost entirely from scrap wood by making daily trips to a construction site for almost a year.

At a lot of places you can get free pallets, if you ask nicely.

You didnt search good enough, cause there are tons of threads about this stuff.

some pictures that might help you.

What’s Michael’s handle hear?

I know he posted a bunch of picks hear somewhere.

I’ve looked for them and those vids all over but couldn’t find them. Thanks.

our town is covered in construction sites right now (urbansprawl, yuck) and I’ve got lots of good stuff from dumpsters. I’m also a fan of cement blocks, but they hurt more to fall on.

Handle hear? Ill just assume you mean his username here. lol

I actually dont know. I just did a search and found all those links in some threads. I think one of the threads with most of the info in it, you posted.

lots of good stuff here.

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Most technical computer people use the term “handle” instead of our colloquial use of the term “username”. Don’t know why though.

I guess I got the lingo wrong :roll_eyes:

The link is now in my trials courses thread.

HAha, I jsut didnt understand. At least I learned something new. =p

Thanks for all the feedback. Me and my dad built this obstacle one of you mentioned,

Here’s the link: The Sliver Trials Course (Pics)

It’s the third picture down, but my beams rise and fall in a pyramid fashion.

It came out really strong and really sturdy but I’m having trouble keeping balanced on the 3.5" square beams. I get up on the first one and my tire rolls off. Do you think it has to do with the fact I’m running 125mm cranks? My new nimbus with 137’s is coming on Tuesday, will this make the obstacle much easier? Thanks