Alright I have 200 bucks u.s. and I’m looking to get a trials uni. Preferably as soon as possible. At the moment I am looking at the nimbus 20" on, I can afford it including shipping to Ottawa, and its a trials, that’s about all that it has going for me that I know of.

Anyways, basically 200 bucks is my limit, I worked my ass off for this money so getting anymore is pretty much out of the question and my uni just cant handle the abuse I’m giving it at the moment.

Are there any other trials unicycles or at least unicycles that could be built or substituted easily as a trials, that fit my budget.

Get a torker dx (not one of the new ones)

the only difference between it and a real trials uni is the lack of a rather large and bouncy tire.

if you can save a little more and get a splined hub uni… the qu-ax is very popular… it comes to $332 cnd to ship to hamilton so probly like 350 to ottowa. and its worth it in the long run…but if all else fails go for the torker hope that helps


You could buy:
My used 03 Kh wheelset with 140mm splined cranks and an alex dx32 rim (it has a few problems but nothing big) $75 US
a yuni frame $40 US
KH seat $45 US
Seatpost $12 US?
Maxxis Trials tire $30 US
cheapo pedals…
it adds up to $202 not including pedals or shipping.
Let me know if you want my wheel, i can take pics if you want. I understand if you want something new but it will be stronger than a nimbus. The left crank is bent inwards a little bit but its not noticable and the nub is bent in so the bolt doesnt come out easily. Other than that its still good.

thats 202 if all were new, and considering alot of that is used and the crank and hub are bent, how does 165 with shipping sound (shipping should be under 20 bucks, thats what i was getting for the nimbus) because i’m going to have to replace both the cranks at some point in the near future and the hub, i know its not alot but i really would prefer to buy a new uni or at least something in really good condition, i’m rather weary about buying things that are already broken no matter how well they might work for the person before me.

you have to pay horrendous duty (was 91$ to newfoundland on my 350$ cycle :frowning: ) and shipping charges if you order from Since you’re in canada, go give darren bedford a call ( He’s just in toronto. He should have or be able to get anything you need, plus if you ring him up you can probably ask him about your options.

Well I went to a cycle shop downtown today and they had the Norco muni for 240 bucks Canadian in the store now. So I think I’m gonna go with that, even if Spencer accepted my offer of 165 USD (which I rather doubt cause I know you don’t really want to get rid of it that much) this will be tons cheaper when it comes to duty and exchange rate and I will have it instantly and it will be new. I really do appreciate the offer but this is just too good to pass up in comparison.

Thats fine, i didnt mean i would sell you the whole uni, just the wheel. I just put the prices of the other stuff to show you how much it would be if you bought the other parts new and put it together. I am not getting rid of my uni, im just putting in KH/onza hub and cranks (and maybe a new rim if someone buys this one). Oh and the hub isnt bent, just the left crank and its not bent down, just inward from dropping it. Its kinda like opposite q factor. Its barly bent and i cant notice at all when i ride though.

ntappin…dont get the norco muni it is a piece of sh*t. i got one earlier this year and it didnt out last my norco general…no splined hub nothing special the big tire just makes it look strong but i advise you not to get it if you want to do trials

ahh cool that clears alot up. thanks for clarifying


what exactly went wrong with your norco? i have heard that its actualy pretty good but if that isnt true then i would really really want to hear whats wrong with it.

broke one of the crank arms first then i broke the hub. niether drop was very high…maybe a foot. but if you dont weigh much it might be ok until you get good…so maybe about a month. but ultimately it is up to you.

yeah see i way 115 on a good day, and less other days, so weight isnt an issuei just need something to get me to and hopefully well into winter. but atm that really isnt going to be my current uni.

well as i said befroe the ultimate descision is up to you and if you only weigh 115 then the norco just might be ok for you