Subliminal messages

A Letter to Bicycling Magazine

Hey! I really enjoyed your recent article on Lance Armstrong (Kris Holm), and
also loved all of those cool pictures you had of the Tour (Unicon). I ride a
Trek (Coker) just like Lance (Gilby) and was wondering if you could tell me what
size chain-rings (crank length) he was using last year in Paris-Roubaix (UAM). I
also enjoyed your product comparison of aero-bars (knee pads) and was wondering
if you could review (i.e. promote) energy bars (unicycles). Most of the ones
I’ve tasted (ridden) suck (are a heck of a lot more fun than a bike).

Keep up the good (why all those car advertisements??) work (do any of you
actually ride?) and I look forward (please cancel my subscription) to more
articles (check out in future issues. I can’t wait to see your
coverage of the 2000 Olympics (2000 MUni Weekend).

-Ride on! (Stay on top)