Sub: I am veering towards righ (fwd)

> Also the fork moves longitudinally along the length of the axle. In any case,
> to remove any doubts, I turned the saddle 180 deg assuming that if it were due
> to unicycle that I was veering towards right, now I should be tending towards
> Guess what, I am still going right. Any suggestions on what is going on here
> and how I can make myself go straight.

Hi, I just joined this mail list 3 days ago and this is my first response. I am
a novice, achieved Level 1 in March of this year.

My opinions may not be valid, however:

If the frame is sliding around on the length of the axle it can’t be helping the
problem and is probably contributing to it. I notice that I tend to let the
saddle rest more firmly against the inside of one thigh than the other and when
idling, reversing direction, etc. I prefer using my right leg over the left. I
have read that everyone is preferential to one side or the other.

If you are unconsciously leaning one direction preferentially or pedaling more
forcefully with one foot AND your axle is sliding around, this could be expected
to move your center of gravity laterally and make the uni prone to turning.

You say turning the uni around doesn’t reverse the effect so I have to believe
fixing that sliding axle would clear up your problem. Is this a recent
development or has it always been that way? How is your uni constructed to allow
this to take place?