I am going to be working in Stuttgart from the 17th - 25th January 2015

Any riders there who want to meet up?.. Is there a club?


16-18 is EUC in Köln…

Unfortunately I will be working during the day and will only have time in the evenings :frowning:

you can ruin your whole day by working :astonished:

Tell me about it!!! … at least sometimes I get paid to unicycle which is good :smiley:

I am 80km from stuttgart!I come 1-2 days for riding to stuttgart if you want!There are some good flatland spots!

there is a unicycle hockey team in Bonlanden near Stuttgart. behind the Airport

Thanks for the replies guys… but it now looks like I will have quite a full programme and wont have much spare time :frowning:

All work and no play is a very bad thing :angry: