Sturmey-Archer reversing coaster brake hubs

Come in 3- (the specs link on that page mistakenly goes to the QS-RC5) and 5-speed versions. Hmm.

Huh… So it brakes if you pedal backwards while moving, but if you pedal backwards from a stop it goes backwards. Is that what it does?

And would we want that? It’d be interesting to see what it did idling or still-standing, how much backlash there was and whether it got confused about what it was supposed to be doing.

They’re manually shifted between forward and reverse. I don’t know how the brake behaves in the latter.

OK, I see. I looked at the manual which must have come from the Taiwan side of SunRace Sturmey-Archer. It made it sound like you pedaled backwards to go backwards, which wouldn’t be an actual gear change.

Pedaling one way while the wheel went the other, like on a 2-wheeler, would be a trip. Having a 2-wheeler that pedaled normally would be strange too but less obvious.

I think you do pedal backwards, and I’m wrong about manual shifting.