Sturdyness of frame?

How sturdy is the Nimbus Impulse frame? Can a 240# guy ride without any issues? Should any upgrades be considered?

Also what is the most likely to wear or brake on it?

Just want to be sure it is the right one before I drop $1000.


What’s “240# guy” …? I guess a weight that’s +120 kg?

Sturdyness and strength are two different things, and to add confusion add the term flexibility.
So an ti frame is called more rigid than alloy or cromo, while in reality -I’ve been told by a bike-frame builder- has much more flexible, but an incredible recovery to original state that makes it feel sturdy.

Dropping $1000? Dunno what the Impulse goes for in USD, but I saw it for GBR 70. So why not just try it, and if you break that frame you could upgrade it.

The Impulse is worth every penny. Doubt I’ll ever sell mine (even though my geared 36er gets ridden much more often) and yes, it’s plenty sturdy. I only weigh 170 pounds but I have dropped it a bunch. You are going to love the disc brake. Smooth as silk. If you find yourself a few hours to your south, you are welcome to take mine for a test drive. Just don’t focus on what I’ll be riding (KH36G) or I might talk you into trippling (and then some) that $1k of disposable income.