StupidTales: new shoes and blood drives

I spent my lunch hour riding today. I started with free mount practice, but due to the wet and snowy pavement + my worn-smooth new balances, i I couldn’t get a decent rotation w/o my shoe slipping off. I resolved to try with my much newer running shoes when i got home tonight.

I whipped out the ski poles and worked on turns and endurance, and provided a bit of amusement to a bus full of school children here for a visit.

After practice, i donated a pint of blood at the lab blood drive. Pretty good so far.

Then i went home. Well… the newer shoes definitely grabbed the pedals better. I had a semi-UPD on on of my steeper neighborhood hills and my foot wouldn’t come off the pedal – I got my first almost-real injury, a [proximal hyperextension?] sprain. Just a baby one, i was able to shake it off and continue practicing. whew!

After half an hour or so, and a few hypoxic visual artifacts, i came to the conclusion that …maybe i really did miss the pint i donated. Dunno, but i wasn’t riding very well.

I’ve also discovered that my high-power-mode (i ride fast) cyclecommuting gear isn’t quite optimized for uni work. not suprising. I found myself quite overheated before i even realized it. very surprising. Next time i ride in the cold i’m bringing the messenger pack.

By the time i climbed the hill back to my house i was trashed and wasted, and not in a good way! But, all in all, i got a lot of good practice in today, even if i wasn’t up to par in the evening.


yea i ride in da snow too, and i hate it when my feet slip off da pedals. But looks like you had a fun day.:smiley:

for unicycling, you might want something other than running shoes. my new balances don’t work very well on my unicycle, I have a pair of skate shoes for it.

Yeah I found that new balances suck for unicycling. Skate shoes are the way to go. Its not that your going to be running with your unicycle anyway so you can just change shoes when your going to go out to unicycle. You can find good ones for about $30. Vans are my favorite.

Vans Half cabs or Vans oldschools are great. They dont have all the hot padinding modern skate shoes have , but most imposrtantly, they have a vand waffle sole. think about the grippyestest shoe ever, and these would be them. The pis sink down in to the indentations and your feet are locked in. the half cabs have padding around the ankle. Cabs are about $50 and i have found oldschools for $25

I used to have that problem as soon as the pedals and/or my shoes got even a little damp. Following the purchase of my 29" which has pedals with aluminium pins I’m now getting pedals with pins for the 20". There was a thread about this just recently.

(Just in case you don’t have pedals with pins)

I’ve got this friend who, when in college, used to go down and sell a pint of plasma and then take the money and immediately go to the bar and slam a few beers. Seems the effects of alcohol are greatly enhanced when you’re a pint low :astonished: The guy was no dummy either. Went on to get his PhD in engineering.

I remember going out and pounding a 60 mile bike ride the day after a minor surgical procedure when they had warned me not to do much of anything for at least 24 hours due to the lingering effects of the sedative I was given. Man, I felt very trashed after about 40 miles and in a very bad way. The last 20 were the hardest miles I’ve ever ridden. I don’t think it pays to go out and do any kind of exercise unless your really feeling good.

I personally like a good pair of running shoes with a good, grippy tread. I have pinned pedals too. I like to be sure that I have something that feels secure on my foot for those times I have to run out of a high speed UPD.

Re: StupidTales: new shoes and blood drives

Those darned wet shoes. I went out Monday after it had rained. I now have a bruise on my right elbow and a long scrape on the back of my right calf. Those metal pedals are good at something if not holding onto wet shoes. Just an addition to the other unicycle related scars that I have accumulated over the past 2 years. Isn’t it GREAT!!