Stupidest thing you've done on a unicycle!

Hi guys, this is a thread asking “What is the stupidest thing you’ve done on your unicycle?” I’ll start!

The stupidest thing I’ve done on my unicycle is riding backwards on ice. My tire slipped, and I face planted onto the concrete!

Riding 100 miles in a day. :stuck_out_tongue:

I must have done stupider stuff, but most of that turned out to be more fun!

Also see some (very old) examples of stupid stuff here.

Once I accidently subconsciously thought I could coast on my unicycle. I locked up the tire and flew off the uni before I even realized what I had done ha ha. I felt pretty dumb. :roll_eyes:

Riding my guni in high gear on uneven, snow-covered ice. See related thread, “Broke my leg - now what?”
Broke my leg - now what?

I rode behind Tom Blackwood.

Oh yeah, that reminds me of something else that I did that was stupid! I was attempting to coast on flat land, and the wheel flew out in front of me, and I bruised my tailbone pretty bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Breaking two of my fingers

Plenty to choose from, here’s a couple of memorable ones:

Eating dinner while riding
a) late at night
b) in the dark
c) in the pouring rain
d) without watching where I was going
I hit a curb and my KFC went flying, as did I. That was the last time I ate and rode together for a long while.

Another time I was screaming down a very steep hill on my 36" uni in the dark, riding without gloves for the first time in months. I was literally 200 metres from my house, thinking to myself how fortunate I was that I hadn’t fallen off with no gloves on, when I lost my footing. I launched into a head first slide onto the gravel, cheese gratering the skin off my hands and knees. I spent the night bleeding all over A&E and then had to go to the doctors for weeks, to get dressings on my hands and knees changed. The nurse called it “The worst case of little boy’s knees” she had ever seen. My finger is permanently scarred, to remind me to always put my gloves on.

Listened to Mike Padial… :roll_eyes:

I did some extreme ironing whilst riding my uni on Xmas day a few years ago :slight_smile:

im sure a woman invented that to make it look like fun :smiley:

Even made a video :slight_smile:

That’s called extreme? :thinking:

I had only been riding a couple of weeks … compared to now its not really

From an ironing point of view, anything but extreme. I don’t know why, but when the video clip started I thought the ironing board was tied to a car with the camera in it, and you were going to iron while riding alongside the board while it scraped down the street! :slight_smile:

Regardless, your effort is quite fitting for this thread.

I’m not sure if this quite counts in the context of others’ feats, but it has a few of the essential elements of stupid in it:

Riding back from the Chinese take-away, bag of food in my hand.

Have to get off the pavement (sidewalk) onto the road for the last 50m home, as we have no pavement on our bit of road. This is somewhere I’ve ridden countless times from when I was first learning, and I’ve also lost count of the number of times I’ve dropped off that kerb. So I went to do it just as I always do. Cue an UPD as my pedal grounded on the kerb after I’ve dropped off - crucially I saved the take-away though.

What I’d forgotten is that when I did it on my 20 when first learning I always did it perpendicular to the kerb, hence had no issues with grounding a pedal. Nowadays I almost always ride my 26 when making a trip out like that - and have got into the habit of just riding off the kerb at an angle rather than putting in extra turns. The pedals on the 26 are far enough off the ground not to bottom out when riding like that, the ones on the 20 not. I rode the 20 as I figured I didn’t need the extra hassle of trying to freemount the 26 with a bag of food in my hand.

To cap it all off they’d given me the wrong food, so I had to ride back again, though didn’t make the same mistake second time (that really would be stupid).

I don’t see how this qualifies as a “stupid thing” much less a Stupidest thing :thinking: :thinking:

If falling on one’s tailbone while trying something new is stupid then I guess Olympic skaters are stupider than pond scum. Can you imagine how many falls each of them has had, on average? :astonished:

Had my first unicycle fall where I hurt myself yesterday

Not too bad but pretty stupid

So I take my uni with me to work in the morning, get off the train a few stops early and uni the rest

Ok so no problem. The stupid thing is I have started tracking the rides on endomondo on my phone. There’s a great very flat section of cycle path right near my clinic. So after work I’m like well let’s see if I can do a bit better than the 12.9 kph I clocked this morning

So straight out of work wearing nice work shoes and trousers, I’m up and going pop into high gear. Going pretty fast then ooops I’m off. Too fast to run out ( In these shoes anyway) and I’m down on hands and knees. 2 big holes in trouser knees - matching holes in skin of knees. And not toouch skin left on hands

So that’s what knee pass and gloves are for right? The really
Stupid thing was I had them in my bag on my back

Just too impatient

whatever it was I am sure it was fun.:stuck_out_tongue: