stupidest question ever

and i’m proud to be asking it
first the back-round
(u didn’t think i was going to embarrass myself in public like this without giving u the back-round, did u?)
i have a no-name brand 24 lying around, simmilar to this uni
originally bought it because it was the only way to get hold of a longer seat post for my 20
(i phoned around this morning, there is not one uni-seatpost lying around any dealer or at the importers in this country)
now the 24 is just lying around and i want to do something with it
so i was thinking, i could throw the fattest tyre i can find on there and take it a bit further off-road than i’ve been or i can lose the frame and use it as an ultimate wheel

i’ve heard u all going on about crank length when talking about muni and after a bit of searching and having a quick chat to jagur, figured out that 150’s would be the way to go
which made me wonder about the length of the cranks on the machine at the moment
and that is now causing me to ask what i can only imagine must be the stupidest question ever, kinda

how do u measure a crank?

i have the crank right there on the side of my uni
i have a measuring tape
do i measure right from the one end all the way to the other?
if so, that uni is carrying around a set 180’s and i didn’t think that would be even remotely ridable
or do u measure from the main axle to the pedal axle?

anything else u’d recommend i do the machine before i start abusing it in earnest?
any way i can ‘protect’ it against itself and it’s owner?

Re: stupidest question ever

Measure from the centre of the pedal hole to the centre of the axle hole. That is the effective length and if people say ‘length’ (when talking about cranks) they mean ‘effective length’.

Klaas Bil

Centre of the axle to centre of the pedal spindle.

This is the effective length of the crank. To explain: you could theoretically cast a crank 200mm long and put the holes 125mm apart (centre to centre) and it would be a 125, not a 200.

Another way to measure it is to look on the back and there may be a number in millimetres stamped on it.

I’ve heard much stupider questions. Like ‘Where’s your other wheel?’ or ‘Can you ride those things downhill?:slight_smile:

Hopefully crank arms are more widely available than seat posts in SA…

Yeah…but registered here in Feb 2002!

Just teasing, Gild.