stupid Ultimate Wheel

Luckily, the sport is safe enough that this is really one of my worse injuries, and luckily it doesn’t hurt (although I am currently between the time when it did hurt (impact) and waking up tomorrow morning, so it may.


I’ve always found a few good doses of Bud Light to be useful for injuries like that. However, I’ve also found that a few good doses of Bud Light is NOT a good preventative measure for injuries like that.

Bud Light ?!? Are you 60?

Sofa sticks to Red Caps


Ran out of 50?

Think I’m made o’ money? 50…boy, that’d be the day…or ‘tha’ day, as they say

Yeah, that $3.00 a case you save sure adds up over a week!

that’s almost $24 a month though :frowning:

That’s 1 uni purchase a year you can make just on the money you save by drinking inferior beer! Mrs. Sofa should be so happy about that!

my right ankle looks just like that,all the time.ive broken it and sprained it mutiple times.the built up scare tissue inside makes it bulge out permanately.

if you sprained yours real good it will be purple soon and hurt to move side to side.

it doesn’t hurt at all, and I have no range-of movement issues. going on these criteria, I deemed it resonable to not go seek any medical advice.

Having never had to deal with any foot issues whatsoever my whole life (how’s that for lucky?) does this seem resonable?

edit: in a sense, this post would see Sofa seeking some medical advice. D’oh. Sofa - who finds it (and know others would find some enjoyment) more entertaining to correct himself publicly than to use the edit feature to erase his error

I’d post some photos of my own injuries, but I’ve come to the conclusion that my body is just not sexy enough to be posted on the world wide web.

You have been spared.

Gee, hole-in-my-shoe…may I call you hole-in-my?

I’m honoured that you think I have a sexy body.

Thank you, kind sir

ouch put a bag of frozen peas on it that always helps :wink:

in the event of these knocks and sprains, remember the accronym

well, here it is tomorrow, and the swelling is barely noticeable, and only has a slight purple tinge to it.

I had ice packs on it pretty much the majority of yesterday, although I neve compressed it any.


I’ll take a few days off from riding, of course

I’m glad you aren’t hurt too badly.

I’d like to recommend active ankles. I just got them and wore them for the first time on a ride yesterday. They are very comfortable. About an hour into the ride, I realized that I forgot I was wearing them.


I second the Active Ankles recommendation - I sprained an ankle a bit worse than yours (and for the umpteenth time) this spring and got a pair of AAs. They’re very comfortable, give me confidence and even protect against bangs and smacks.

Be careful for a few weeks - it’ll take a while to heal fully and if you go over on it again before that it’ll really go. It’s smart to see a physio and get some exercises, even if it doesn’t seem that bad. After all, we do live in a socialist paradise - you might as well get some use out of the medical system!

The coolest exercise I got was to balance on the bad foot with eyes closed - it’s harder than it sounds! It teaches proprioception; your body has to re-learn the sense of where the foot is after an injury. That helps you plant the foot right next time you jump off your uni and land in a tangle of roots.

Good luck!