Stupid tyre (or maybe stupid me)

Hello all,

Is it just me, or is it incredibly hard to get an Onza tyre off of an Onza (Alex DX-32) rim?

I’ve been trying to the last hour, and the only thing I’ve managed to do is blister my fingers and bend a tyre level.

I’ve l let down the tube as far as it will go, and gone round the tyre squeezing out the last bit of air. Starting opposite the valve, I can (just about) insert a tyre lever and prise out the bead. Then I get stuck. I can’t get another lever under the bead, unless I do it right next to the first one, which doesn’t help because then I can’t get another lever in, or move either of the levers to pull out any more of the bead. As soon as I take out the levers the bead disappears back inside the rim.

I can’t find any mention in this group or on the net of anyone else having problems, so I guess I am being stupid somehow, but I can’t tell how.

I want to go out and try my new Onza Sticky FIngers tyre during the only bit of sunshine we’ve had in the last week, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I see the rainclouds coming in already.


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push all the bead into the middle of the rim on both sides, this gives you a bit more slack to get the tyre out.


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Spread a little washing up liquid around the bead in the area your trying to
move over the rim. This will to help ease the tyre out.


Thanks for replying, guys.

Still had no success. I just can’t get the second lever under the bead. :frowning:

I think I’ll have to take it to the local bike shop tomorrow and see if they can help.

I don’t know the rim/tyre combination, but:

  1. Get as much slack as you can by pushing the beads into the centre, all the way round.

  2. Push the valve in (undo the little lock ring.

  3. Lubricate the bead with washing up liquid or similar.

  4. Use purpose-made tyre levers, the longer the better.

  5. Hook the bead in two places a couple of inches apart before pulling either lever hard. (i.e. don’t get the bead off with one lever, then try the same with the other; get both levers in position, then do them almost but not quite simultaneously.

  6. Drink more beer.

I seem to remember someone mentioning warming up a close-fitting tyre in order to get it on a rim. The heat expands the rubber effectively making the whole tyre bigger. I don’t know if this will work for getting the tyre <i>off</i>. But if you’ve tried everything else and your fingers are shredded then maybe it’s worth a try. Good luck.

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Someone got the tire on, so somehow it will come off.

The purpose for pushing the tire bead to the center of the rim is that the center has a smaller radius than where the bead normaly seats, so in theory this will give you more slack in the section you are trying to work off. However, theory only meets reality when you work the slack to the point you are trying to unseat. Once you get about 8 inches of bead over the rim it’s just a matter of persistance.

Failing all that, how badly do you want to go ride your new tire, and how badly do you want to keep the old tire? If you can get the bead to show you can cut it with a pair of sharp diagonal clippers. Don’t mar or bend the rim with the clippers, though…

Good luck,



I am getting an Onza StickyFingers tyre off santa! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had my trials tyre off a few time coz of punctures and the like. I find it a two man job!

Me and my dad have fought with the trials tires for ages!

My dad tends to get one lever at 12 o’clock, and then I get another lever at 4 o’clock, then prise it out!

Good luck.



but that is so bad for the rim

Silicone lube spray. Wish you lived closer - I’ve got a whole big can of it.

Get it at a local auto supplies store. Good for the rubber and just makes the tire almost lift off on its own.:smiley:


Naah, Bristol is only a short ride from Vancouver. I’d come to you, but by coker hasn’t arrived yet. :wink:

Thankyou harper, as usual your reply is amusing, if unhelpful.

And thanks to everyone else, looks like I have a few more suggestions to try before resorting to the bike shop. It will have to wait till tomorrow, my girlfriend came home with a puncture on her b*ke so I’m sick of levering tyres today. :slight_smile:


Have you tried pumping it to 200+ PSI? The usual failure mode for too much pressure is having the bead blow off the rim - could be useful in your case!

For reference, at 200 psi each bead would be under 3 tons of tension… KaPow!!

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On Wed, 26 Nov 2003 12:39:09 -0600, joe
<> wrote:

>Me and my dad have fought with the trials tires for ages!
>My dad tends to get one lever at 12 o’clock, and then I get another
>lever at 4 o’clock

After four hours you just had 2 tyre levers in? That makes it credible
that you ‘fought for ages’! :slight_smile:

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Halfway there… finally got one side off.

Phew… I need to stop for a cuppa now.

I notice there is an awful lot of flashing around the bead compared to the new tyre, so maybe that’s why it’s giving me so much trouble. Maybe that means the new one will easier to get on.

I hope so.