stupid tricks thread

so i was wondering what are some stupid uni tricks you have come up with?
one that i made yesterday was a pedal flip, where you are riding and then just flip the pedal fast, you can do it forwards, backwards, front foot, back foot, whatever. so any other stupid tricks? like that one seatspin thing someone did, post them here.

That’s not a stupid trick.

My right pedal is smooth (no pins) on one side for grinding and has pins on the other side (for shoe-grip). Quite often after a bit of one foot or summat involving taking my right foot off the pedal, my foot goes back down onto the smooth side. If it is even slightly moist outside the smooth surface is slippery underfoot, so I learned to spin the pedal 180 degrees while riding in order to get the pins back under my shoe.

Spinning it fast (and more than 180 degrees) gives it a bit of flair, although you don’t always get the side of the pedal you wanted with this method. But then you can just keep spinning it until you get the side you want.

I’m sure there are some stupid tricks out there though.


I’ve done that too, it is cool…one time my friend was grinding and I was filming, and in the grind his free pedal accidentally flipped around a bunch of times, and it looked SOO cool on film in slow motion, looked like it was on purpose.

one dumb trick that I came up with is riding 1.5 footed, between one footed riding and two footed riding. its where you ride one footed with your foot hanging there, so every time the pedal comes up it smacks you in the bottom of the foot!! its fun. and if you’re good at it, you can switch between riding with each foot with every revolution.

that actualy sounds pretty cool if you were to dramaticize it. like kick your foot out as you did it or something.

ok maybe its not so stupid but i dont havre a purpose for it so whatever. but that 1.5 foot thing sounds funny.

I accidentally do that every time I try to do a one footer or no footer. I hate it. Espescially when I land on the grindplate side.

yeah i have a cool trick. when i am riding i do foot touches, it is just like a kick, so i go around kicking cable boxes and stuff lol it is cool

Psh, I kick people :wink:

yeah, thats a really cool one, its fun to play soccer like that (:

O man I love doing that, no one expects to get kicked by someone on a unicycle and so even if you were on a 12 inch you can easily get away before they realize what happened.

the foot grab. I grab my foot. Also kicking people is so funny, another thing I do is ride by the biggest jock on campus I can find and keep swerving into him like I’m losing control.

OH, I forgot one…its more of a game my friends and I play, but its kind of a trick, just takes two riders. we call it the BZZZT!
how you do it is ride ride behind another rider, and get closer and closer, and try to touch your tire to theirs. if you do it right, the tires hitting each other will go BZZZT! and hopefully the person in front will fall off and you won’t. though sometimes you do, and they don’t.
another one thats similar, but also very similar to the kicking one described above, is ride behind someone else on a unicycle and try to kick their foot off the pedal while they’re riding.

A fun trick to do with a friend is to unicycle straight towards each other then high five but hold onto each others hands. Continue pedaling while holding hands and pulling closer to each other and you will do like a dual pirouette.

has anyone else ever jousted on a uni?

very fun indeed… umm when i first learned a “uni north” i called it just ride and kick strait ahead of you… they are fun


I came up with a pretty stupid trick yesterday. It actually looks kinda neat, but it’s stupid none the less.

I stand on my right crank the same way you would for a seat wrap mount, but instead of wrapping your left foot around the seat you kick the tyre behind the seatpost, then infront then behind again before finishing by pulling your foot around the front to the other pedal.

Its silly, but it actualy looks all right :P. Since the first people who were watching were calling it heel and toe tapping, perhaps someone can think up a dorky name which references country dancing. Perhaps Ill try to do it on the other foot aswell, like a super wrap.