Stupid Street Questions!!!

Ok, holy sickness Batman. I have been watching some of the videos in the Gallery and all the ones at the Koxx One website. Wow, has street gotten sick! Anyway, here are my questions.
What is the best seat height for street? (I have grown fond of my boys and wish to keep them.)
Should I have a suspension seat post and air seat, or not?
I notice that unless someone is hopping for huge height, most of the street guys hop with seat in, is this the best?
Is there any one video that would serve as a tutorial for street tricks or would be a great place to get starter tricks from?
Thanks for your help, Beener :thinking:

Well, by your own account, you’ve been watching all sorts of street videos. Do any of those riders have suspension seat posts? (The answer is No!)

The height of your seat depends on you. You want it just low enough that you have enough clearance to bend your knees on big drops. Remember that bending at your waist is one of your best friends in the same respect. When i stand on my pedals, the bottom of my seat is about 10 cm. from the top of my knee. Looking at your avatar, your seat looks close to the ‘right’ height, but maybe your can drop it a bit (5 cm.?). Drop it a little more if you notice that your ass is hitting the seat on drops, but don’t lower it too much; just what is needed.

Street riders hop with the seat in, because street riders are usually rolling, not just statically hopping. Street is all about speed, as opposed to trials. But don’t try to be ‘street’. Hop however you want, and however is needed for the trick that you’re doing.

I’d recommend both Universe 2 and Defect, as per videos. Both have a lot of amazing street riding in them. I don’t know about tutorials, though. Just go downtown or to Queens U. and start tutoring yourself. Start jumping down stairs, doing crank grabs and then grinds… stuff like that. Any thing urban, pretty much, is ‘street’, so just go downtown and start riding around on stuff. Queens looks pretty sweet for riding though. I’ve seen some nice sets and ledges when i was there last.

One wheel addiction has a tutorial for grinding and pedal grabbing… I also find Universe 1 good as it was the first real street video, and so is a good place to start, but perhaps wait for the DVD version first.


Yeah Queens is crasy for both skate and Uni. There is a fountain out front of one of the buildings that we skated most of the summer. The kids did all the new stuff and I just oldschooled the walls and banks. There is a really nice 5 set there too with a sweet rail. I haven’t seen much in the way of security either, so that rocks. Thanks for the answers, Beener

Yeah, the good thing about riding on a campus is that the campus security can’t really do anything to you except tell you to leave. At Ottawa U, every time i get yelled at, i just move to a different part of campus. It’s a big game of cat and mouse.

For anything street where your my feet leave the pedals i like to be able to stand up on the ground with the seat under me. That way if i miss the pedals i dont get really hurt, i just put my foot down. Low seats can be usefull for rolling hops too.