stupid sticker is stuck

stupid sticker thing… on nimbus unis that come from udc there is a big gold metal sticker disk thing on the frame that looks really bad and i cant seem to get it off and was wondering if anyone has or knows how :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

That’s not a sticker. From looking at mine, it looks like they drilled a hole or two in the seatpost and riveted it on. If you manage to get it off, you’ll expose holes in your seatpost - I’d recommend just leaving it on.

I second that motion.

There was one day I wanted to powdercoat my frame at school but that sticker was still on it. I took some pliers and it took me the entire walk to school to get it off. It’s made out of thin metal and held on by putty. If you want to search for it it’s called the “UDC head badge”.

Yeah, if you’re careful with a wide flat headed screwdriver you should be able to do it without scratching anything.

The putty stays sticky for ages, so if you find someone else that has removed theirs, you can put your one on their uni to see if they notice :slight_smile:


Fun idea, but…

Mine was bent to hell by the time I was done with it. I think it was also in a couple pieces. :roll_eyes:

Oh, that’s how you did it…

I never saw the badge on my Nimbus because Jeremy took it off before I bought it from him. I know it comes off quite cleanly, because I can’t tell where mine used to be. :slight_smile:

I think that I’m going to take mine off now :slight_smile: I had no idea that it was just putty!

yeah i was worried it was attached for good but i will try taking it off tomorrow… thanks for the help:D

Yeah, I got mine off with no problem :smiley: Giant flathead screwdriver worked wonders!

i just got a green nimbus…and they didnt put that disc on there…not that i care but its just kinda weird cause all of my previous nimbuses have had one

Try adding some heat to soften the putty - that’s how they remove automotive decals.


The 'ol dental floss saw trick works sell on the badges also. Run a piece of dental floss under the corner and saw back and forth cutting through the double sided sticky foam.

Any residue left can easily be taken off with a citrus based cleaner like Goo Gone or Goof Off without damaging the paint.

You could try alcohol.

Enough of that and you’ll stop worrying about the sticker.:wink:

I like the head badge.

i got mine off with a flathead screwdriver… it just peeled right off in one piece and left no residue… thanks for the help!

Me too. I think it looks nice. But then again, I left the reflectors on my motorcycle forks and a lot of people think that is just wrong. To each his/her own.

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'Try using ‘WD 40’ It disolves most adhesive quickly but not paint.
It also gets those big orange “NO PARKING” signs off your windshield really quick. Just peel up an edge and spray some under and keep peeling.

i just got a mediu sized flat head under a corner “oh wait theres no corners its round hahahah” nah but i just got a medium sized flat head under and used brute strength and pushed it off then used “orange power” u buy it at supermarkets and drip it on rub it then rub it off with a towel or something has worked wonders for the nimbus stickers and lots of other things.highly recommend it for half assed work.